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Unboxing The Latest Unbound Box

Unboxing The Latest Unbound Box

Written by Natasha Lawrence

Here at The Strategy, we want to make it clear to our readers: We like sex. It’s fun. It’s awkward. It’s natural. So, we want to encourage our readers to see sex and sexuality as something normal, and not something to be afraid of. The ladies behind Unbound (you remember Polly, don’t you?) agree with our thoughts, and therefore we couldn’t be more excited when we came across their subscription boxes. Every quarter, Unbound delivers a Quarterly Subscription Box. These boxes aren’t your average boxes of beauty products. No, these boxes contain an array of sexual lifestyle products. We were only too excited to try a box out to share our review with you all.

🍆   🍆   🍆  🍆   🍆

This quarters box focuses on the art of oral pleasure. A topic that is *ahem* often over looked. The $65 box is valued at over $200 and is on sale until end of July. I had the really hard (😉) task of trying out these products to let you know my thoughts. Bottom line: I can’t wait for next quarter.

Bijoux Indiscrets Oral Pleasure Mints

Okay, maybe I should just preface this whole thing by saying I’ve never used 90% of the boxes contents before. My sex has been, vanilla, for lack of a better term. But, I’m a dedicated researcher and therefore did my best to give each product a proper test drive.

I was very excited to try the Oral Pleasure mints out. These sugar free mints are meant to be sucked on (pun intended) prior to…well…oral sex. Although, taking one before a heavy make-out session added an extra sensation to our kissing. When you do get down to business, the fresh tingling sensation will have your partner begging for you to never stop.

Unbound BoxIntimate Earth Oral Pleasure Guides

So. Much. Better. These flavoured, environmentally friendly, all natural glides slightly warm up on contact with skin and are incredibly delicious. Salted caramel was a personal favourite, turning my partner into more of a dessert. And in case you were worried…these babies are all gluten free.

Unbound BoxMasque Sexual Flavours

For anyone who has never given oral sex to a man, SPOILER ALERT: Semen doesn’t taste very good! But these strips that dissolve on your tongue certainly help to conceal the taste. While at first, I was unsure about the product, the effects really take over right at the end.

Unbound BoxUnbound Restraints

These were fun to play with. As the Unbound website suggests, these silk restraints put me at the mercy of my partner, and him to me. The box came with 5 restraints, so we used two each for arms and legs, and the fifth as a blindfold (as The Oral Bible recommends.) Paired with the tingly sensation of the oral pleasure mints, it took foreplay to a whole other level. My senses were elevated and had me highly anticipating my partners next touch. I also liked that they were silk. Some other restraints are a little harsher on the skin, but the silk texture adds another layer of sensuality.

Unbound BoxWomanizer Pro 40

The hero piece of this box. The Womanizer Pro 40 gives touch-less stimulation of the clitoris with a soft silicone head that pairs light suction with pulsating pleasure waves. It was a completely unique experience that I was not expecting.There are 8 modes on the Pro 40, each more intense than the last. I lasted less than a minute on the 3rd. I’ve tried other vibrators before, but none of them were as magical as the Womanizer Pro 40, and I literally texted my best friend urging her to get one minutes after completion. If you only need one reason to get this quarter’s Unbound Subscription Box, this is it. For a price of about $130, it’s totally worth it!

Oral Pleasure Mints
Unbound Subscription Box
Womanizer Pro40

We want to share more of our experience with you. Readers of The Strategy can use the code TheStrategy15 for 15% off your purchase! Happy shopping. Seriously.

And should you have any questions on how to use any of these products, or adding others like it to your sexual routine, don’t forget to Ask The Walkers. They’re here to help.

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