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Pheromone Scents - What Are They & Do They Actually Work?

Pheromone Scents - What Are They & Do They Actually Work?

Written by Natasha Lawrence

In one of our more recent Unbound Quarterly Boxes, we were introduced to Eye of Love’s Pheromone Perfume. The roll on scent smelled musky and seductive, and the packaging claimed to have you and a male counterpart less able to resist each other. Intrigued by the idea of pheromones, I went on a research deep dive to learn all I could about these mythical chemicals and tried to find out for myself, and you dear readers, whether or not these perfumes actually work.

What are pheromone’s exactly?

Pheromones are a type of chemical secreted in our sweat, coming from glands in our armpits, genitals and navel area. It’s expelled via a clear liquid, and absorbed by the noses of those around us. When the scent of those pheromones reach the noses of others, it passes through their olfactory system. Your pheromone scent contains information that is than observed by the brain as to whether you are healthy, fit and fertile mate, resulting in a possible sexual response, or an increase in your appeal to others. It can also signal alarm, respect, and bond.

Unlike hormones, which affect the body of an individual, pheromones act outside of the body and have an affect on other individuals, making them ectohormones. And, I should note, pheromones aren’t solely a human thing. All mammals secrete pheromones, and almost all insects use them to communicate.

The Pheromone Effect

Pheromone perfumes have been around since the early 90s, and often dubbed as a love potion. A subtle way to attract all the lovers your heart desires. In theory, these perfumes should give off a signal that makes you alluring and sexy to those around you. Many product descriptions mention that you’ll notice people finding you funnier, flirting with you more, and being nicer to you in general. It sounds too goo to be true, right?

The Totally Unscientific Experiment

As mentioned before, I had to give this perfume a try. It helped that Eye of Love’s scent was a smell I was naturally drawn to, and therefore, I was okay replacing it with my usual perfume. I also found that the smell lasted throughout the night and well into the next morning, making me a huge fan of the product as a perfume alone, without the added promise of catching me a mate.

Try #1: The Local Bar

For my first try, I wore the spray to a local bar that I frequent often. I normally go there for the dive bar drinks, cheap eats and company of my friends. I also happen to have a thing for one of the bartenders. The spot is typically filled with couples on a first date, or friends out for drinks.

My first application was tricky. I worried about putting on too much or maybe too little. The rollerball applicator was fresh out of the package, so the first few rolls across my wrist barely had product.

The bar was packed. I felt like I had my own little secret wearing the perfume and felt as though I got more looks than normal. I also felt that my bartender boyfriend kept looking my way, but he never came over. In fact no one did. While I felt like I finally possessed the secret to making myself irresistible, it seemed the perfume didn’t have quite the effect I was looking for. But, as this is a very uncontrolled experiment, I do factor in the location and the possibility of not wearing enough of the scent.

Try #2: The House Party

For try number 2, I swiped a few more rolls on my wrists and behind my ears during my getting ready process. A friend came by for a glass or two of champagne before heading out, and pretty much tarnished whatever hopes I had of a successful trial. One glass of champagne led to two, and two led to the entire bottle. It was really great champagne. When we finally arrived at the party, I was feeling confident (I still had the idea of my little secret in the back of my mind), and definitely out of my shell. I did notice that people at the party seemed to be loving my jokes, and paying more attention to me than normal. But, tI wasn’t sure if that attention was because I had lost my quiet shell and was actually talking more than normal. However, whether or not the smell worked, I noticed that I actually really enjoyed the smell myself. I found myself constantly smelling my own wrist.

Try #3: The Unintentional Try

The morning after the party, the smell was still lingering on my body. An early breakfast at my parents had me heading out the door without a shower and with a massive hangover. My parents have two cats and two dogs at home. All male. When I walked in the door, I did get that there was maybe something in the potion. Both my male dogs were aroused and constantly sniffing me, and my cats kept close by. Not a normal reaction from any of them. At least, I know that it has an effect on some male species! Just not the one I was hoping to attract.

Try #4,5 and 6: The Noncommittal Tries

I consider tries 4, 5 and 6 to be noncommittal, because I stopped paying attention to the fact that I was experimenting with this scent. Instead, I loved it so much that I replaced it for my usual Balenciaga Perfume. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, there was the knowledge of this secret scent that I absolutely loved, but, it wasn’t at the forefront of my thoughts, the way it was the first try.

Tries 4, 5 and 6 took place at my local bar again, on a girls night out, and on a double date. Each try seemed to bring me more attention than normal, and ended with new numbers in my phone.

The Completely Unscientific Conclusion

In conclusion, I can’t give you an honest answer as to whether this pheromone spray was the love potion I as looking for, or if it was just all in my head. The scent, which I was so strongly drawn to, may have had an impact on those around me. It may have madam more interesting, and alluring to others. Or, it could very well have just had had a placebo effect on me. I wore it thinking I had a little sexy secret, and made me feel more confident in my behaviour, and maybe, my confidence is what was attracting people.

I’ll unfortunately never know. But, what I do know is that I’ll probably continue to wear the scent  because I may just be becoming my new signature. If it brings all the boys to my yard, then great. If not, I’ll just have to go about finding men the traditional way.

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