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Getting HighOnLove

Getting HighOnLove

Written by The Strategy

With an ethos of “Luxury shouldn’t be withheld; luxury should be the standard,” it’s easy to understand why we’re enamoured with HighOnLove. Founded by Angela Mustone, the Canadian-made cannabis sensual wellness brand taking over North America, aims to take pleasure to the next level.

There are many proven benefits of using cannabis oil for intimacy. Benefits range from added stimulation, to pain reduction and increased blood flow that allows for extra pleasure. It’s a wonder why it’s taken us so long to introduce cannabis into the bedroom. As a female-founded company, most of theĀ cannabis-infused lubricating oils HighonLove offers addresses the, often overlooked, issue of female pain and discomfort during sex.

As a relatively young company, HighOnLove has a wide range of cruelty-free products, made with all-natural clean and vegan ingredients, and blends of premium grade cannabis seeds and essential oils. Products range from self-care items like the Soft Touch Hand Cream and Dry Body Oil, to intimacy items like the Sensual Massage Candle and Dark Chocolate Body Paint. The brands cult favourite product is the award-winning and much-talked aboutĀ Stimulating Oil.

While most products in the brands current range are geared towards women (or people with vulva’s, as the mucus membranes make it ideal for absorbing cannabis), most products in HighOnLove’s line-up can be appreciated by couples.

Switching out our usual sexual wellness products for HighOnLove made intimacy a more luxurious experience. The brand hopes to awaken the senses with their products, redefine intimacy, and revolutionize the way we love, and from our personal experiences, they did just that.

HighOnLove Sensual Massage Oil
HighOnLove Stimulating O Gel for Women
HighOnLove Lip Gloss For Couples

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