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Starface x Hello Kitty® Pore Strips

Starface x Hello Kitty® Pore Strips

Written by The Strategy

After much success with their first-ever collaboration, Starface and Hello Kitty® have collaborated once again with Starface x Hello Kitty® Pore Strips.

When Starface x Hello Kitty® Hydro-Stars launched last November, the pimple patches sold out in less than 72 hours. The collection came out in time to celebrate Sanrio’s 60th Hello Kitty® birthday. Riding on that success, the two have collaborated once again with a limited-edition version of Starface’s Lift Off Pore Strips.

Unlike the classic Starface pore strip, which is yellow printed with the brands starry-smiley face, the Starface x Hello Kitty® version is white with Hello Kitty’s® face printed on each.

The Pore Strips are made with a clarifying blend of witch hazel leaf extract and aloe barbadensis leaf extract, which both work to calm skin, balance sebum secretion, and of course, deep clean blocked pores. It’s the same formula as the brand’s original pore strips, just with the added Hello Kitty® touch.

If you still have Starface’s x Hello Kitty®’s Hyrdo-Stars, we suggest pairing it with them with the limited edition Pore Strips for the ultimate Instagram-worthy moment, that also will be doing good for your skin. Two-birds. One stone.

The Starface x Hello Kitty® Life-Off Pore Strips are available as of now, and are priced at $10.00 CAD for a pack of 8.


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