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Quarantine Hair: The Good, The Bad, The Haircut.

Quarantine Hair: The Good, The Bad, The Haircut.

Written by Amanda Vlavianos

COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine period has had quite an interesting effect on the hair of many. As a not-so-natural blonde, my dark Mediterranean roots were a tad out of control at six months post-lockdown, and my ends were begging for a trim. 

After waiting for what seemed like forever, my salon finally opened up – I waited because any longtime blonde knows that seeing another stylist is considered cheating and a punishable offence – and going in, I knew I was due to serve a brand new lewk. 

As someone who feels femininity through her fast growing and thick hair, compliments of “your hair is soooo long!” are music to my ears. But, lo and behold, six months of dead ends took their toll, and I knew it was time for a real haircut. My stylist persuaded me to go beyond a simple trim. 

Hair donation has been on my to-do list for some time. Having donated once in the past, I had an idea of the drastic change I was about to endure. 

As I took a deep breath and shut my eyes tight, my stylist chopped off 10 inches of long blonde locks. What a change! Barely making a ponytail, my former ballerina top knots have be replaced with a cute half pony instead – very on trend, if I may say so myself. Plus, with Sweater Weather here, my fellow long-haired gals know the feeling of annoyance when hair gets stuck at the neck of chunky turtlenecks – what a pain. 

Farewell long locks, for winter is coming. 

Alongside my new look, it felt great to put some good into the world. Proudly, I donated my locks to Children With Hair Loss and somewhere around the globe, there will be a child in need who will be able to to use and love my 10 inches of hair far more than I ever could. CWHL prefers hair donations of between 8-12 inches, and when the choice came of how much to chop, I was able to cut off 10 inches with plenty of hair to spare. 

A nonprofit organization who has never charged a child for their wig, CWHL provides hair replacements and care kits to over 600 children a year. Luckily for me, the organization takes chemically treated hair. To do something great for a child in need and simultaneously give my ends a much needed break feels like a win-win. 

The new me loves her new look, and I have only encouragement for all my fellow fashion lovers to do the same. If we can change our look every day in outfits, who’s to say we can’t up and change our hair? 

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