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Is Black Friday Even 'A Thing' Anymore?

Is Black Friday Even 'A Thing' Anymore?

Written by Sara Fender

Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of Black Friday. Waking up early (or staying up all night), going out in the cold, looking for parking, fighting the crowds, and trying not to get into an altercation with a random older lady over a super cheap pair of cashmere gloves, just doesn’t sound like the way I want to spend my day.

But for every person who doesn’t like it, there is someone who enjoys it. My work wife is one of those people. She looks forward to Black Friday every year. It’s legit her favourite day. She loves the camaraderie of waiting in line and meeting people, the thrill of actually getting what she wants (usually at a steeply discounted price) and how it signals the official beginning of the holiday season.  But, unfortunately for her, she won’t be waiting in any lines or fighting any crowds this year. 

Stores are not only taking extra precautions the day of, but also extending the Black Friday deals throughout the month of November. They are also offering the same deals online (some companies, such as Best Buy, are offering even better discounts online only, to encourage people to stay out of the stores) and offering contactless pickup and same-day delivery, in some cases.

And for those of you that still feel the need to maintain your Black Friday in-store tradition, you will also have a different experience this year with stores upping their regular precautions. Obviously you have to wear your mask, but also stores will only be allowing a certain number of customers in the store at a time, one-way lines, and some stores are even offering reservations for shopping times.

Another factor in the whole Black Friday 2020 debacle is the fact that millions of people lost their jobs and are experiencing a financial situation unlike anything they have ever dealt with before. Myself included. I know I am not alone in this but as a wardrobe stylist on photo shoots, I went from having a calendar full of upcoming work and flying all over the country, to being at home for several months, remodelling a kitchen and trying to figure out how to collect unemployment as a freelancer. I drastically changed my spending habits and have been so, so good (for me) with my online shopping. Like, so good. Like, I pat myself on the back daily when I aimlessly put items in an online shopping cart and abandon it at checkout. 

That being said, I love the holidays, and I love giving gifts, so after all these months of being a miser, I’m ready to splurge a little on the people I love.  Bring on the gift guides! Bring on the wrapping paper! Bring on the fake joys of delight I expect to see on everyone’s face as they see what I spent my hard-earned money on! Who needs Black Friday when we have Black November?

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