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F*ck It. Do What You Want

F*ck It. Do What You Want

Written by Sara Fender

If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught me, it has been “F*ck it. Do what you want.” 

Want to call up an old friend? F*ck it. Call them. Want to get new furniture and revamp your living space? F*ck it. Buy it. Want to change careers? F*ck it. Do it. Want to wear a Retrofete sequin gown to the grocery store on a Tuesday? F*ck it. You do you.

Life is too short not to take risks, whether it’s finally getting out of that relationship you have felt stuck in, or taking a trip by yourself to a place you’ve never been, or if this mindset is too much, take it slow and experiment with your fashion.

My favourite colour is black – and don’t tell me that black is not a colour. I know that technically it is considered a “shade” but in my world, it’s a colour, thank you very much. If you had told me a year ago that I would own an item of clothing in the purple family, I would have laughed you right out of my life. But, here I am, on the for Love & Lemons website, adding the Devon cropped cardigan in lavender (LAVENDER!!) to my cart and I have every intention of wearing it. More than once. Will I be pairing it with a sheer black maxi skirt and AllSaints leather combat boots to stay within my comfort zone? Obviously, but I’ll also branch out and wear it with my white men’s joggers and maybe jeans – and yes, wearing jeans is also outside of my comfort zone. Even more out of my comfort zone is the new pair of chambray straight leg, super high rise, distressed, full length not skinny jeans I just bought. I’ll say it one more time for the people in the back – I bought not skinny jeans. It was a rash purchase and one I was positive I was going to regret, until I went home and tried them on. Holy comfort. 

When I heard the kids say skinny jeans were “out”, I scoffed. No way would I ever go back to the days of tripping over my too wide, too long jeans or pay money for someone else to put holes in my clothes, but never say never because here I am, for the third day in a row, in these new very long and very distressed jeans. They are my new sweatpants. I worried at first that people would think I was “trying too hard” because I’m not usually one to follow trends but after three minutes of wearing them, I said, “F*ck it. Who cares?” I’m keeping them. 

Another F*ck It Fashion Moment for me was when I recently wore my black sequin maxi skirt to the tattoo shop. I wear this skirt to work, to the grocery store, to coffee – I genuinely don’t think there is an occasion when it is not appropriate, but I did hesitate before going to the tattoo shop because I thought, “Are they going to think I’m wearing this to try and be ‘fancy’ or that I’m trying too hard to stand out?” I then remembered that I do not care what they think. I don’t know these people, just like I don’t know the people at Whole Foods or at the dentist office or at the smoothie place. So, I said “F*ck it. Wear it.” I’ll be damned if the two girls working the front desk weren’t extremely complimentary. 

It’s a new world out there, and though it doesn’t feel like it always, it’s our time. Go for that new job or that promotion. Take control of your finances. Move to that new city. Wear that emerald green silk Saloni dress to get your mail. F*ck it. Do what you want.

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