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Embracing The Small Things

Embracing The Small Things

Written by Emma D'Arcy

It’s all about life’s little pleasures.

Although I have fully embraced the comforts of athleisure wear at home during the last year, I am genuinely missing the rituals of dressing for the theatre, work, dinner with friends, and all the fun that entails!

A bold classic red lip to match the lights and the glamour of the theatre, or a statement blazer for a new client meeting, perhaps a silk shirt for date night, or even the comfortable but stylish airport outfit – because you never know who you might meet… always be prepared I say. We express ourselves and our identity every day through how we dress; it adds another dimension through which we communicate with the world around us.

So without the full vibrant rhythms and routines of our daily interaction with the wider world available to us, and without all the occasions to dress for, how do we still find ways to feel good, and express ourselves?! It’s all about appreciating the small things that bring a little joy to our days. And actually, when you slow down to really see and experience life wherever you may be, you realise there is so much to appreciate.

If you take a moment to think about it, you’ll know that there are certain things that you need on a daily basis, which naturally varies a great deal depending on who you are and what makes you tick. I just don’t do mornings without coffee, (ideally a flat white but I’ll take anything going). And whatever is going on in life, whatever work challenge or latest news update, I step out the front door – come rain, hail, sleet or snow – in a colourful variety of questionable outdoor wear and walk. Once I have taken a deep breath and started out along the local streets and country lanes, step by step I always gradually feel more grounded and relaxed when I’m immersed in nature. Really noticing the colourful kaleidoscope of nature at play, from birds to blossom and grey skies to bright blue. Appreciating what you may once not have noticed each day – like observing a chilli plant grow from seed – the joy! And of course…the laughs, tears, chuckles, guffaws and everything in between, how could any of us handle the crazy times we’re living through without a regular chat with friends?! It never fails to make the lightest and darkest moments of this recent chapter more manageable, no matter where they are in the world.

But beyond that, it’s vital to treat ourselves and find things to enjoy on a day to day basis too – personally, given the amount of time I spend typing away on my laptop, I have developed a greater appreciation for demi-fine gold jewellery. Let’s face it – if I have to look at my hands all day, then I’ll make sure they look fabulous whilst doing so! I don’t wear makeup day to day at home, (although I invest significantly in my skincare routine these days), but I do always spritz one of my favourite Tom Ford or Sisley fragrances, as it’s part of my daily ritual and just makes me feel ready to go and switched on for the day ahead. I also seem to have amassed a collection of luxury candles which I light during the day – because it’s my space, so I can do what the hell I want in it! So why not enjoy a Diptyque scented office / living room?! And certainly not forgetting that delicious glass of Malbec that helps me to unwind regularly after the working day as I switch from work to relax mode. Whilst my home working wardrobe varies, it’s these small everyday luxuries that genuinely make me feel better.

But in all seriousness, it’s whatever works for you. Whether you have a penchant for silk pyjamas, a rapidly growing jewellery box full of statement earrings, or own a shoe collection to rival Sarah Jessica Parker, take the time to truly enjoy the small things that you need and treat yourself to. It really does make each day that much brighter. Collectively we have needed to adapt significantly, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do so gracefully, (or disgracefully as the case may be!) and find delight through small ways to express ourselves creatively. When we gradually re-emerge into society, we’ll do so with a new-found appreciation of the richness of life, people, and the wider world around us.

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