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Stylist Secrets: Using CBD with Heels

Stylist Secrets: Using CBD with Heels

Written by Natasha Lawrence

When it comes to heels vs. flats, heels almost always win. In heels, I feel confident, powerful and sexy, and the shoes themselves often have me drooling. But, I’m also a huge fan of comfort dressing. In many of my sartorial choices, comfort wins out over style or trend constantly. However, even if I opt for a baggy shirt over a trendy corset style top, heels will always win. My evening purses are stashed with moleskin and blister bandages as well as a heel balm. I even have a routine after big events of coming home to an ice bath for my feet, followed by the loving embrace of a pair of Uggs. Beauty is pain, and when it comes to my heels, I am willing to feel all the discomfort in the world.

Often, when watching actresses scurry around Toronto during the film festival in their sky-high heels, or seeing celebs walking on red carpets with ease in their Louboutin Pigalle’s, I am a) jealous and b) confused as to how they do it with such effortlessness, whilst I struggle to keep smiling as my toes pinch together and ankles feel strained. That is until I learned of a stylist secret: CBD, or more specifically, using CBD with heels.

If you’re unfamiliar, CBD (or cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t create a ‘high’, but is a natural relaxant. Currently it is used as a natural remedy for many things including easing anxiety and battling insomnia. It can also help to reduce inflammation. Prior to learning of the magic of using CBD with heels, I commonly used the product in lotion form to ease sore muscles after an intense workout or a long day sitting at the computer.

I first learned of the stylist trick of using CBD with heels, a few years ago from stylist Karla Welch. From there, I became aware that many other celebrity stylists noted that a CBD-lotion was a stylist toolkit must have. Naturally, as a high-heel aficionado, I had to try it out for myself.

As I have used CBD lotion before on sore muscles, I knew the product takes a little time to actually work. I applied it 20-30 minutes before actually putting on my shoes, while I did my makeup. On my first use, I used Terra Vita’s Warming Salve while wearing a pair of strappy mid-heeled Oak + Fort heels. I applied the salve all over my foot, focusing on known pressure points with that particular pair of heels, and slipped on a pair of socks to keep the product from wiping off on the bathroom floor. I chose that pair of heels in particular because they are not my most comfortable pair and I start to feel the pain very early on. After applying, almost immediately I felt a tingling sensation on my feet. After the 30 minute mark, I strapped on my heels and walked out the door, and truly, that was the last time I thought about it.

Normally when I wear heels, in the back of my mind is always how painful my feet feel. It colours the amount I want to walk in a night, I am always in search of somewhere to sit down when I enter a bar, and I am near constantly flexing my feet in different ways to relieve strain. However, thanks to the numbing effect of the CBD salve, I literally did not think about my feel once, except at the end of the night to note how I wasn’t thinking about them at all.

The second time I tried out a CBD salve, I tried out Terra Vita’s Cooling Salve with my Christian Louboutin So Kate stilettos that are almost a 5 inch heel and have a pencil thin stiletto. Unsurprisingly, they areĀ not comfortable, but they are beautiful. As Kate Moss’ shoe of choice, I am jealous of how she traipses through the streets of London in these shoes without even the smallest hint of a wince as she walks. In my opinion, wearing these heels with CBD was the ultimate test. A test the balm passed with flying colours. While the Cooling Salve took a little bit longer to take effect, the same results were had. I applied the balm not only to my foot, but also to my calf muscle and front of my ankle, as they are areas I feel strain when wearing these shoes. Come the end of the night, I did have minor, but expected foot pain when removing the shoe, but I was able to wear them throughout the evening.

All-in-all, I am most annoyed that it took me so long to test out this stylist hack. It has quite possibly revolutionized the way I will wear heels. My suggest: try it for yourself. I truly feel you will not be disappointed.

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