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So, What Is A Fashion Girl?

So, What Is A Fashion Girl?

Written by Natasha Lawrence

You hear the term a lot: #FashionGirlProblems, 10 Things to Know Before Dating a Fashion Girl, Fashion Girl Essentials, Things Fashion Girls Would Never Wear…We could continue. But what exactly is this aforementioned “Fashion Girl”?

We at TS think, it’s time to put a definition to the label, and breakdown what we consider to be a fashion girl. We use the term a lot on socials and don’t want anyone to be confused.

Sitting around the office, we each discussed our thoughts on what a “fashion girl” is and tried to land on a definition. But alas, you can’t put a fashion girl in a box, or define her in a few words. Instead, we came up with criteria any fashion girl should meet:

  • She sees the beauty in McQueens Plato’s Atlantis S/S 2010 show
  • She embraces the fact that most members of the opposite sex will find no appeal to her “look”
  • She’s accustomed to wearing completely impractical pieces because, well, fashion
  • She knows which shoes are made for walking and which are solely cab-to-curb
  • She follows the Gospel according to Karl, or at least has an understanding of why it’s so important
  • Her sartorial choices confuse most elder relatives
  • She sees the sense in spending over $100 on a t-shirt (it’s a basic after-all)

If you check these boxes, then we here at TS are proud to call you a fellow fashion girl! Welcome to the chicest club in the world.

Katerina Makriyianni Fan Earrings
Balenciaga Slash Pumps

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