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Erin Kleinberg

The face behind the brand

Erin in Tom Binns on set with The Coveteur

The blushing bride on her wedding day!

A trip down memory lane with Yale Breslin

Behind the scenes on EKI's Fall 2014 lookbook shoot!

More images the Erin Kleinberg Inc. lookbook shoot


One of our favourites, Erin Kleinberg, may be half of the brains behind The Coveteur, but her true love (after Mickey, of course) has always been design. In ’08 she launched her incredible clothing line of laid back basics with her signature luxury touch. After taking a break to focus on The Coveteur, Kleinberg’s design skills are being showcased once again with the relaunch of her self titled line and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re like us and have lusted after her clothing since the late ‘aughts, and can’t wait for the new line, head to Erin’s insta’ account (@erinkleinberg) for a preview.


What is your typical Saturday night outfit?

Jbrand leather leggings, a ripped up vintage tee, sharp shoulder Smythe blazer, Balenciaga booties and tons of fine frail jewelry from Jacquie aiche, Zoe Chicco, and Sydney Evan. And of course my engagment ring and wedding band:) Or I’ll go the complete opposite and do a fun boho printed dress with my marant leather jacket and glam sandals. I have this Burberry pair I just found in my most recent closet purge that are taupe sude with massive oversized studs that I am excited about pulling out this summer. 

What do you find most inspired your work? Music, T.V., or movies playing in the background?

It may sound silly, but right now Instagram is a massive source of inspiration. It is a huge space for me. People ask me, why do you follow over 1000 people… It culminates what is happening with tastemakers and brands all over the world in one spot through visuals. Exactly what I need. 

Growing up, who was your biggest fashion influence?

I grew up right alongside The Olsen girls. In age, of course. In the heyday of their boho hippie inspired getups. They have/will always have sick style. In real life though, It was my grandmother and great grandmother. Their style is flawless. Their collection of vintage scarves was what inspired me to start creating and thus the reason I am a designer. 

What is your formula for getting dressed?

All depends on how I am feeling in the morning! Sometimes I wake up and feel boho, sometimes I want to be a sailor, some days I feel shleppy, and some days I want to dress like a fierce editrix! 

What is one piece of clothing you would steal from you 16 year old self?

A vintage maroon harvard sweatshirt that is super worn in. It was my aunts. I know this because I recently stole it from my 16 year old self at my rents house. Oh ya, and my 16 year old figure!

You never leave home without…

My macbook air 11 inch. It is like an extension of my body, I treat it as an ipad. It fits perfectly into my Proenza PS1

What is one thing your mother taught you about dressing that you always keep in mind?

Hair/makeup are just as important as how you dress! 

Your fashion motto is…

‘More is more, but sometimes less is more.’

A Burberry Sandals
B Maxi Dress
C Smythe Gilet Blazer
D Zoe Chicco Ring
E Blank Denim Leather Pants
F Proenzo Schouler PS1
G UO Tee
H Tom Binns Necklace

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