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Lesley Arfin

"This is one of my favourite outfits I guess, because I wear it all the time.  It's from American Apparel."

"Two of my favourite t-shirts. The Grace Jones one is from Deer Dana & her shirts are fucking awesome."

L: "This is my favourite sweater. It's Valentino & I got it at Decades." R: "Perfect sweater."

"I love sneakers. I wear sneakers & jeans everyday."

"I wear lots of loafers and oxfords 'n' stuff."

"We got some motorcycle jammers, some Melrose cheapies… those Acne Pistol boots are the best things in life."

"An aerial shot of my vanity. I wish I had an eye for 'placement'."

"I love seeing what people have in their medicine cabinets, don't you?"


Writer and all around cool girl, Lesley Arfin is currently a staff writer for FOX’s comedic detective series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With a crazy honest book, Dear Diary, and several contributions to cult fav publications like Rookie Mag and Vice Magazine under her belt, she is a force to be reckoned with. As a past staff writer for both HBO’s hit Girls and MTV’s Awkward, Arfin has written, edited, and blogged some of the funniest stuff around. Check out her hilarious Twitter if you need proof.


What are your thoughts on vintage shopping? Do you have a strategy when it comes to vintage shopping?

I love vintage shopping. My strategy is to go alone and compare label, price, condition…Fancy dress vintage shopping excursions are different than looking for vintage overalls or t-shirts, shoes, etc.

What do you splurge on and what do you have on?

Splurge on: Coats, shoes, books, beauty, candles. Save on: Furniture, rugs, house stuff, jewelry, dresses I know I’ll only wear once.

Do you borrow from the boys? And what must you borrow?

Yup. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, button downs, baseball caps. I borrow, steal and adopt regularly.

How would you describe your personal style?

Bookworm riot grrl cheerleader waiting for the bus in 1997.

What is your formula for getting dressed?

Always start with bottoms – jeans or skirt. Warmth + comfort. Followed by occasion/event. (Sometimes I look a pinterest for inspo. Corny???)

When it comes to your style, what are the 3 most influential movies, bands or T.V. shows?

1. Bikini Kill 2. Jo from The Facts of Life 3. Madeline

Do you ever borrow from friends and never return? What is one piece from a friends closet you are dying for?

Rarely borrow, but always return if I do. Chloe has a pink Lanvin dress and a blue puffy X Girl coat I’d kill for. I also want to steal Lena’s Valentino jumpsuit.

What is one thing your mother taught you about dressing that you always keep in mind?

1. If you’re doing lots of walking, wear comfortable shoes. 2. If you love a sweater and it’s under $100, buy it. (This was in the 90s though…inflation should be adjusted).

What is one piece of clothing you wish you could steal from your 16 year old self?

My X Girl stuff, my Polo stuff, t-shirt that said

What is your #1 style tip?

Always be comfortable + sure of your choices. If you’re not wearing the clothes right, the clothes are wearing you! (It’s noticeable!!!)

ACNE Pistol Boots
Deer Dana Grace Jones x Miguel
Miu Miu Cashmere Cardigan
Supreme Hate Sweater
Tod's Leather Penny Loafer

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