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No Bra, No Problem

No Bra, No Problem

Written by The Strategy

Being a woman in the modern day and age who appreciates fashion, style, and beauty trends is pretty expensive. The average cost of a tube of lipstick bought outside of a drugstore is around $20. A regular pair of plain black pumps can set a girl back an obscene amount of money. Luxurious items come with luxurious prices, and more often than not, a good bra will be in that category. 

Which is one reason why not wearing traditional bras, if any at all, is becoming more popular. From the time a girl is in her early teens, she’s in and out of bras like a mad woman. The world of brassieres is exciting and new and colourful. It really only takes the first time an underwire revolts and stabs a rib for the hatred of bras to begin. For a while, it seemed like the only option was to wear a padded bra with an underwire. 

The future seemed bleak, but then came an unexpected surprise: Lace bras. 

No padding. No wires. Just simple little bits of fabric that look kind of cool under tank tops and are the most comfortable things ever. I had never come across them before, and was surprised at how much less they cost than basically all the traditional bras I had ever seen. I immediately purchased five. I was a changed person. 

It’s understandable why someone with a bigger chest might cringe at the thought of not having any support. For someone without a whole lot going on, however, not wearing a bra is so much better. It’s comfortable, it’s cheaper, and there’s no straps to worry about concealing. 

What’s more is that now there is a movement related to the cause, Free the Nipple. All for doing something about the taboo that surrounds female toplessness, the campaign has a movie, and a legion of supporters. 

All of these and more are reasons why we’ve chosen to mainly be braless for much of the past year and will continue the trend into forever. Until we see fit for ourselves, feeling free is the way to be. 

Written by Katrina Garofalo

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