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Ruby Brown


Ruby Brown is a perfumer and an entrepreneur. She first fell in love with perfume while in Paris. After studying the art of fragrance, the world-renowned model returned to Montréal to create her own line of bespoke scents. Ruby officially began her name-sake brand, The Ruby Brown Collection, last year to bring her luxury creations to the people. Ruby leads workshops, events, and designs custom fragrances for clients, such as Simons, creating the Canadian retailer’s first original fragrance line, Eau Contemporaine, inspired by fashion and fabric.


How do you start your day off?

Coffee and pilates! I try to attend a morning pilates class as often as possible.

What’s going on in the background when you are getting ready?

There is always music! The only subject of discord between my fiancé and I is the choice of music. He loves rock and I am more into classic french music, so I wait for him to jump in the shower to take control of the playlist 😉.

You never leave home without…

A fantastic perfume that reflects my mood for the day.

ESSENTIEL ANTWERP  t-shirt shift dress
Eau Contemporaine perfume Lin
Gucci Ghost GG Medium Matelassé Leather Shoulder Bag

What are your closet essentials?

Little black dresses. I wear them for my made-to-measure perfume workshops at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, or any kind of event I might have after work.

What is your biggest fashion regret?

I received a pair of YSL shoes on a photoshoot while I was modelling in Paris. I gave those shoes to my roommate who then sold them on eBay. Yves Saint Laurent passed that same year…I was so sad!

You always splurge on, and you always save on…

With fantastic shoes and bags, you can pull off any outfit. I will splurge on a nice bag and local designer pieces. I save on all the rest.

What is one piece of clothing you wish you could steal from your 16 year old self?

I used to go to Europe a lot while I was modelling. Back then, we didn’t have H&M or Topshop in North America. I remember buying the coolest dresses from H&M and no one had them here…I miss that time!

SAINT LAURENT  Opyum 110 pumps
Eau Contemporaine perfume Coton

Your fashion motto is…

I buy from local designers as much as possible – they are so talented! From made-to-measure to sample sales and pop-up shops, if you’re curious enough, you’ll discover great talent near you.

Your #1 style tip is…

When in doubt, overdress!

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