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Natasha Koifman

Natasha in her signature black at the NKPR offices.

The team behind NKPR.


If you were to look up “accomplished business woman”, you would find Natasha Koifman in the definition. A notable force in the PR community, a writer for the Huffington Post, pop culture commentator, Chair of the Board for Artists for Peace and Justice Canada (and on the advisory board for the American branch), occasional guest on ET Canada, and worthy-cause supporter are just a few of her titles. Did we mention she’s the President of her Toronto/New York City based PR company NKPR? This June will be NKPR’s 15 year anniversary and we cannot wait to celebrate (follow the hashtag #NKPR15 to see what they’re planning)! There are many things to be learned from Ms. Koifman, one of them being that you can indeed do it all, and have great style while you do it.


You’re known for an exclusively black wardrobe. What started that decision to dedicate yourself to one colour?

I used to buy clothing in colour, and I would find that pieces would be left in my closet, tags on. When I started wearing all black, I found that people took me more seriously at my job. That, and I honestly never felt good in colour – I never felt like myself. Wearing black makes me feel comfortable and confident.

What are the advantages of sticking to an all black wardrobe and are there any disadvantages?

There’s a sense of consistency in donning all black – I’ve been wearing it for so long that people know what to expect and feel more comfortable when they meet me, which is a big advantage. When I’m in a meeting or pitching new business, there are no brightly coloured distractions – it’s not about what I’m wearing, rather what I’m saying. Another big advantage is the ease of shopping! I can filter everything by colour. It also makes getting ready a lot quicker – I can be out of the house in 25 minutes because I don’t have to think about colour.

I honestly don’t really have any disadvantages. Some people think all-black-all-the-time can get boring, but by no means is that the case – just check out #NKAllBlackEverything on Instagram.

You never leave home without…?

My iPhone. In this industry, being connected 24/7 is crucial – whether its emailing clients, reading the news or engaging on social media, my phone is always in my hand.

Saint Laurent L17 Motorcycle Jacket
John & Jenn By Line Warner Dress in Caviar
Alain Studded Suede Sandals

What are your closet essentials?

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Golden Goose sneakers – I’ve bought over 5 pairs in the past couple months. I spend most of my time in heels so it’s nice to wear something more comfortable, and I love the street style look.

Beyond that, a great leather jacket is always a staple for me! For the last couple of years one of my go-to’s has been a leather jacket by Christopher Kane.

What is your biggest fashion regret?

My biggest fashion regret was not listening to myself and following trends for the wrong reasons. It’s important to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, not wearing something just for the sake of following a trend.

Golden Goose White Swarovski Crystal Superstar Sneakers
Free People Spitfire Prive Aviator
Line Knitwear Angelica Ribbed Wool Cardigan

You always splurge on, and you always save on…

Splurge on: I always splurge on bags and shoes!

Save on: I save on calories! Particularly when it comes to alcohol, because I don’t drink.

Your fashion motto is…


Your #1 style tip is…

Tailoring! It’s definitely my secret weapon. If you’re debating between two pieces at different price points, you’re better off buying the more inexpensive piece and spending more on tailoring to create a piece that fits your body perfectly, that you’ll want to wear again and again.

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