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We Tried Butt Masking And We're Obsessed

We Tried Butt Masking And We're Obsessed

Written by The Strategy

We love masking. A Sunday night isn’t complete without a glass of wine, a hot bath and a face mask. And we especially love masking in the winter. Our skin is dull and dry, and could use the extra TLC gained from a face mask. It was only a couple months ago, however, that Team TS realized we’ve been neglecting one area of skin, and one that we plan to proudly show off in summer swimwear. That area, is of course, our tushes.

Other than a quick once over with a dry brush before a shower, and quick swipe of body oil after, our butts are getting NO love. Thankfully, ‘butt masks’ are totally becoming a thing, and yet anther mask we just had to try.

We tested out these masks with Anese Down with The Thickness and Massk by Olena Sepyahina.

The Massk Bamboo Charcoal Butt Cheek Mask helps to clean out pores and facilitate the creation of new skins cells, making it ideal for people who suffer from dreaded ‘butt-acne’. It also brightens and evens the skin. We used this mask pre-shower. We slathered it on, and then spent 20 minutes catching up on our glossies. After showering the mask off, our skin felt noticeably smoother, albeit a touch dry. A little body oil was quick to solve that problem, and it seemed that our skin really absorbed the moisture. Massk is meant to be applied on an as needed basis, so we used it twice in one week. We’re really making sure things are in order for bikini season! The mask did help to even out the overall skin and left our butts feeling incredibly soft.

Anese’s Down With The Thickness is pretty much all the the rage right now, so we were pretty excited to try it out. Unlike Massk, Down With The Thickness is meant to be applied on cleansed skin, so we applied it straight out of the shower. Again, we slathered it on our behind, keeping in mind that the website suggests that “a little goes a long way”. We then also did as the box suggested and scrolled Instagram for 20 minutes. After that, we wiped it off with a clean damp towel. Like Massk, we noticed small results right away. Mainly that it also left our butts super soft. Anese’s butt mask is meant to detox and plump the bum, and leave it super soft. The added collagen that plumps the skin, makes your butt feel and look super supple. It took a couple more tries before we noticed this added result, and we’re pretty happy with the results.

Our Verdict: Butt masks are a total game changer, and possibly have become a new obsession. Will we try it again? Obviously, and we’ve already been doing so since this article was written.

Down with the thickness.






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