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The Candace Diaries: Such a Carrie...err...Candace

The Candace Diaries: Such a Carrie...err...Candace

Written by The Strategy

It all started with a column. Before the bus splashing the girl in the pink tutu became an iconic image, before the six seasons, and still running reruns, before Manolo Blahnik’s were referred to as just Manolo’s, and before two movies, there was a column. What most forget is that it wasn’t Carrie originally behind the keyboard typing away with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and curly hair flopping all over the place. The column was started and created by Candace Bushnell, who created it for The New York Observer, and who lived a life similar to the Carrie we know and love today.

The series first appeared in the Observer in 1994 by a 35 year old Candace. Candace dreamed of a the successful career, love, marriage, the whole thing and wrote about all her trial and tribulations in her Sex and The City column. Her days of being kicked out her sublet, her days of dating the real Mr. Big, and the days of dreaming of owning or even renting a Chanel dress.

Inspired by Candace’s original stories, that were later compiled into the book version of Sex and The City, we decided to live Candace Bushnell inspired, and write about our own experiences. Things are going to get messy, awkward and hopefully will be something you’ll enjoy reading. We know we have had, and continue to have fun experiencing it all.  Welcome to the Candace Diaries.



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