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We Went to A Cannabis Cooking Class

We Went to A Cannabis Cooking Class

Written by Natasha Lawrence

Sorry Ma – I’m sure this isn’t what you meant when you recommended I take a cooking class! But, it’s 2019 and weed is legal in Canada, so why not take a cooking class dedicated to cannabis infused edibles?

While in Canada, buying and selling edibles is illegal, it is perfectly legal to make your own. A challenge even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiast may struggle with. Luckily, Cannabis Cooking Company is here to help. We visited one of Cannabis Cooking Company’s weekend classes to learn all about how to make our own infused edibles, the decarboxylation process, and how to calculate the right dosages for your edibles. 


The class, which runs about 3 and half hours long and is open to those over 19 years of age, is quite educational. Cannabis Cooking Company, dubbed, the “school of higher learning”,  has created a class that gives you all the information you need to make edibles at home with confidence.

In our class, we learned how to make pot pop tarts (try saying that 5 times fast) and cannabis infused gummies. Yum on all fronts. Both were simple enough to make, if you aren’t counting the process of extracting the THC oils and mixing them into your cooking oil. Luckily, that part is already done for you and the class sets you up with ready made, ready to go materials. However, this all is discussed halfway through the class for those who want to make their own edibles at home. It can be difficult to manage and understand the right dosage for you, and Cannabis Cooking Company makes sure that you leave with the knowledge of how to infuse the right amount of weed into your edibles that’s right for you. This way, instead of going from sober to completely blitzed, you can feel blissfully carefree and relaxed. Isn’t that what we all want out of a favourite recreational pastime?


All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Co-Founders Josh and Vanessa are onto something great with Cannabis Cooking Company. I can’t wait to go back for round two. Visit Cannabis Cooking Company’s website for to see their schedule and sign up for a class.


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