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We Tried A Sheet Mask For Your Vulva So You Don't Have To

We Tried A Sheet Mask For Your Vulva So You Don't Have To

Written by The Strategy

That’s right folks. You read the title of this story correctly. We tried a sheet mask for your vulva so you don’t have to.

There are sheet masks for your face, your hands, your feet, your décolletage, and even your buttocks, so, why wouldn’t there be a sheet mask for your vagina? Because there is one, thanks to Two L(i)ps. It’s the world’s first infrared-activated charcoal mask for your vulva.

The Low-Down

Created by Cynthia Chua, the founder of Spa Esprit Group, the mask aims to give your vag a little TLC. You see, like the rest of our bodies, you can get acne, wrinkles and discolouration on your vagina. So why not give it the same tender love and care that you give to other areas of your body that have the same problems?

Each mask is meant to brighten, sooth, detoxify and moisturize your vulva. It does this by “drawing out toxins and improving lymphatic drainage.” They’re filled with charcoal and zero radiation (yay?), and have ingredients that include water, aloe extract, squalene, charcoal, liquorice, and hyaluronic acid. Every mask is filled with a half a bottle of serum. The serum is enriched with organic cornflower, elderberry and aloe vera. The masks even have deodorant properties to keep your down there smelling fresh.

The Trial

I waited for my roommate to be out of the apartment before I gave this mask a try. I lit candles, put on Two L(i)ps suggested 15 minute playlist and lay on my bed. Then I unfolded the mask, which is similar to a face mask, but has wings to adhere to the inside of your legs. One side is charcoal, the other, a delicate lace. Obviously, the delicate lace faces up, while the charcoal goes against my skin. The masks are designed to fit the entire vulva area, which begins at the pelvic bone region and goes all the way to the labia major and inner thighs. See, I did pay attention in health class! I then hit play on the playlist and scrolled Instagram for the recommended 15 minute application time. After the 15 were up, I peeled off the mask and patted the excess serum into my skin. How did it feel? The mask was cooling and soothing on, and after my recent wax, it felt good. After all, it is recommended for use immediately after hair removal (whether it be a wax or laser), as it soothes the skin and reduces irritation. However, it does work even if you are all natural down there. Did I notice a difference? Immediately afterwards, my vagina smelt beautiful, and felt smooth to the touch. Two L(i)ps recommends using the mask 5 days in a row and then on a maintenance basis. After the 5th day, and I can say that I did notice the texture of my vagina remained smooth and felt well moisturized.

Why You Don’t Have To

Ok so here’s the deal: Your vagina is a well oiled machine, and though a ‘boost to lymphatic drainage’ sounds super important, your vagina doesn’t actually need it. Your body, and your vagina in particular is a self-cleaning, self-regulating machine that doesn’t need to be detoxified or brightened. In fact, products like this mask can irritated the vagina. Foreign bodies in the formulas can disrupt your bodies natural pH and potentially cause infections. The vagina is also an area of the body that is naturally moist, and stays damp because it is covered all day.

Do you need a sheet mask for your vagina? No. Could it possibly cause more damage than it’s worth? Yes. But, if the idea does appeal to you, we’re not one to stop you. We just are here to give you all the facts.


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