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Let's Talk About Emily Ratajkowski's Dog Walking Outfits

Let's Talk About Emily Ratajkowski's Dog Walking Outfits

Written by Natasha Lawrence

When I am tasked with taking my beloved 4-legged friend for a walk, my outfit formula is simple: a pair of old Free City sweats that may or may not have a hole in the bum, an oversized hoodie from college that definitely has holes all over it, and, depending on the season, either mud and salt stained Uggs with a toque, or Reebok sneakers I’ve shown no love to. My hair is normally in a messy bun, and my phone and other essentials are stashed in pockets. This look is not great, sure, but, as I walk my dog through the busy streets of Toronto, other dog walkers and I nod to one another in solidarity of our similar outfit choices. We don’t see this dog walk as an opportunity to show our sartorial savy – no. It’s a task that has to be completed, so we might as well do it in comfort. 

Then, a little over a year ago, Emily Ratajkowski adopted an adorable pooch named, Colombo, and put the rest of us dog walkers to shame. 

Of course, the task of dog walking is much different when you’re a famous model, like Ratajkowski. Unlike in my situation, Emily’s walks are a well-documented affair, thanks to the paparazzi and everyone with a camera phone. Like the true style icon she is, she’s risen to the challenge and provided the world with the ultimate dog walking outfit inspiration. She’s revolutionized the dog walking game, and turned her walks from a chore to a fashion moment with looks that seem straight out of a magazine editorial. She’s given us a crop top moment in the middle of winter and carried Bottega Veneta in one hand, and poop bags in the other.

My personal favourite part of every look though, aside from the stellar collection of dog leashes she’s built up, is that she frequently is wearing sneakers. It may seem like a minor detail, but it makes the look seem just a little more ‘achieveable’. There of course has been exceptions to that – like the time she accessorized with Phoebe Philo–era Céline snakeskin red boots or the time she wore slouchy white heeled boots with an all denim ensemble, but for the most part she keeps it classic with Reebok or Nike trainers.

Her outfit details have inspired me to go forth on my next walk with, dare I say it, a necklace or two?! Possibly even a leather or denim jacket. If the mood strikes, I may even be bold and wear my pants tucked into my socks. I’m totally inspired to up my dog walking outfit game, and even a little bit excited to show my fellow dog walkers my new look.



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