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Staying Productive When You WFH

Staying Productive When You WFH

Written by The Strategy

Although we at The Strategy may have plenty of experience working from home, it’s not the norm that most people are used to. To help ease the transition we’ve asked some our TS Alum to share their tips and advice for a productive work day at home.


“While I have worked from home a few days a week for about two years not, it is still very difficult to be home all day every day. When working from home I have to make a to do list for the day, and I usually split it up by PRIORITY and NICE TO HAVE, putting the most important work at the top and then some bonus things that would just make me feel good if they were done. When I complete something I put a big line through it with a sharpie. While I love sitting on the couch and watching Law and Order SVU while I work, I inevitability get less done so I have been sitting in my dining room with a podcast or a book on in the background.

During this time especially, I am trying to maintain my routine as much as possible. I wake up around the same time, drink coffee, read the news (reading much less these days, as to not feed anxiety), wash my face, and put on something comfortable that is not full sweats. Wearing something that makes me feel good…makes me feel good. I’m letting my skin breathe and am taking extra time with it, as I am usually pretty lazy.
While there are still a lot of unknowns and these safety measures are new to us, I hope that everyone can use this time to slow down, rest, hydrate, connect with your family & friends and go easy on yourself.”
“I work from home as is, so the adjustment has been relatively mild. Early am wake-up, jeans over sweatpants, lots of tea, and a pair of noise cancellation headphones to tune out my quarantine partner’s regular doomsday prognosis (otherwise known as the news). I also suggest making a to-do list in the morning and rewarding yourself with a generous glass of wine upon the completion of, say, 80% of it.”
“Since I almost always work from the office, it’s definitely been an adjustment figuring out WFH life; like most New Yorkers, I don’t have a home office or proper desk setup. That said, I’m trying to pick one location — at the moment, it’s my sofa — to designate as my workspace so that each morning, I can wake up, head over there and get cracking. Speaking of which, I’ve found it helpful to stick to my usual waking, working and resting hours in an effort to keep as much of my daily routine intact as possible. There’s always more work to be done, and it can be tempting to just keep going trucking into the evening hours — but it’s so important to make time for a relaxing bath, a good book or a Netflix binge. I also highly recommend getting outside for a daily walk or jog — staying at least six feet away from others, of course — and to get some much-needed fresh air. I typically log about 18 miles per week on the treadmill, and NYC’s parks are going to be the key to keeping me mentally and physically healthy in the weeks ahead. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a good WFH playlist; upbeat pop songs can work wonders in these trying times. I’m partial to Taylor Swift Radio on Spotify — though of course, I’m a bit biased ;)”
“I’ve been working from home for about 17 years. I know this crisis is affecting so many workers who are either not used to it, or do not have a set-up for it. Either way, it’s been a sudden and challenging change. I recently wrote a post on my blog about this, but here are the main points. Head over to my blog to learn more.
1. Set yourself up to work well.
2. Schedule everything and stick to your calendar.
3. Set aside the house chores for a specially designated time, and make a list for later.
4. Give yourself a break.
5. Bring the noise.
6. Take your social time online.
Hang in there!”

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