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Have You Met Heretic Parfum?

Have You Met Heretic Parfum?

Written by The Strategy

If you haven’t heard all the craze for GOOP’s candles and fragrances, namely the, This Smells Like My Vagina and This Smells Like My Orgasm candles, then you may just be living under a rock. The candles sold out almost as soon as they hit the GOOP website (don’t worry, they’ve since been restocked), and were talked about everywhere from Vogue to Jimmy Fallon. As this writer types, This Smells Like My Orgasm fills the air with hints of grapefruit, neroli and cassis berries.┬áThe GOOP candles were created in collaboration with Heretic Parfum.

The natural, artisanal, fragrance brand is the creation of perfumer, Douglas Little. Each item is 100% naturally derived from plant and flower materials, vegan, cruelty-free, and gender-neutral. Each fragrance and candle also combines traditional perfumery with the Ayurvedic healing and aromatherapy properties of natural extracts. Pair these natural botanical ingredients with catch-y names like Flower Porn and Florgasm, and you have a product that not only smells amazing, but also looks beautiful on our shelves, and products that catch the ever-discerning eye of Gwyneth Paltrow.

One of our favourite’s from the collection is Dirty Grass, a fragrance and candle that contains elements of CBD oil, vetiver, violet leaf and lemon zest. The CBD provides a calming and relaxing element to the candle that makes it a “functional fragrance.”

The newest addition to the Heretic line-up is Dirty Grapefruit, a ‘seductive’ fragrance that blends pink grapefruit with wet rose petals, black tea, vetiver geranium and cedar.

Since Team TS discovered Heretic, our office space and vanity’s have been peppered with our favourite scents from the collection. Each fragrance is completely rare and unique, and constantly has people asking us where we got it from.



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