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The New, New York

The New, New York

Written by Amanda Vlavianos

NYFW September 2020 & The Future of Runway

2020 has been the year of the pivot. And no, I’m not talking about that Friends episode (though, I can hear Ross’ unmistakeable ‘PIVOT!!!’ ringing in my ears). No, no my fashionistas; the pivot we’re discussing is near and dear to our Dior wearing hearts, as the fashion industry takes twists and turns to accommodate the new normal, or as we at The Strategy like to call it, the New, New York.

As the month of September crawls in, so does curiosity surrounding New York Fashion Week shows. Once, a month of global jet-setting to sit in on every designer’s glamorous runway, 2020 has certainly hit the reset button. This season’s four day NYFW schedule lists Jason Wu and Frederick Anderson presentations as the only ‘runway’ shows, with most other collection presentation listed as “digital activations” and Rebecca Minkoff listed as a “retail event.” Additionally, NYFW has a few unique collaboration underway: Christian Siriano, Jason Wu and Rebecca Minkoff are teaming up with home improvement store, Lowe’s, to design their sets. The collaboration feels near perfection, in representation of 2020 fashion, as many (myself included, circa my new eccentric collection of plants and living room revamp) turned to redecorating their home space in an effort to propel self-expression. Bringing decor and fashion together surely resonated with these designers, who suddenly found themselves bringing collections to life within their homes.

But, besides this pivotal season (see what I did there?) what does the future of the runway hold? Opportunity. Of course, we will miss the shows this September, with their glamour, excitement and abundance, but levelling the playing field into 30 minute digital time slots, by way of the CFDA’s Runway360, gives designers equal opportunity for presenting; whether a designer is new and young, up and coming or seasoned, a global brand or a small business, the initiative to show collections digitally creates a unique opportunity for designers to ensure that every single person who sees their show has the exact same experience. Haven’t we all wished to have the same view as the big time magazine editor sitting front row? Now, we can, and the moment is truly special and unprecedented. Runway360 presentations allow everyone, both industry members and the general public, to “watch” every show/presentation without a hitch.

Though NYFW will encompass something of a new, New York, it is my firm belief that luxury is not going anywhere. A buyer’s desire for quality and innovation still exist, and the new version of luxury still upholds the values that have always been behind luxury. Consumers (a.k.a. us, fashion folk) still wish to hold a certain sophistication and uniqueness in their look, whether it be in ball gowns or leisurewear, and though the industry may be in a pivot, the appreciation for luxury and high-end garments and accessories are still very real.

The NYFW shows are scheduled to run from September 13-16. Check out the full schedule here, and together, we can count down the day to see the new, New York.

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