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A Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading

Written by Natasha Lawrence

Way back in March, Toronto went into quarantine. We switched from working at TS HQ to working from home. Many team members vacated their apartments in the city and moved back in with their parents. Many stayed completely isolated. The editorial calendar planned for the upcoming months was scraped, and all travel plans were cancelled. As Covid had us #StayingHome, we entered a period most called “unprecedented.” A period of much uncertainty.

It was during this initial period of quarantine that I decided to gain some clarity and insight to my future with the help of a psychic reading. To preface: psychic readings, astrology, tea leaves, etc., are not where I usually get my insight from, however, this was a crazy time, so, I thought ‘Why not?”

I had my reading with Angel Morgan, a Toronto-based psychic and animal communicator. Angel has been practicing her craft for over 17 years, and currently shares her wisdom on the radio, TV and via a Facebook Online Show, as well as one-on-one conversations. As described on her website, Angel is “a healer first and uses her intuition and psychic ability to lead people to their most authentic selves. She guides them to learning  about their full story’s…past, present and future. Her teachings enable those seeking to evolve and grow to live their truth… sometimes for the first time.”

Our conversation took place over a 30-minute FaceTime call. It started with what Angel saw in store for me. I was told in Fall 2020 I would flourish and by 2022 and 2023 I would be travelling more (thankfully!) and have a very different life. She then continued to describe parts of my personality in a way that only my close family would describe me. She gave me insights on topics not many people know about me. The strangest/most intriguing part of our conversation happened when my two dogs started to bark in the background. Not one to believe much in animal communication, I was astounded by the details and descriptions of my pooches personalities that Angel was able to garner from just hearing their barks. Hearing her describe myself and my animals gave me more belief in her visions of my future.

I left the call feeling excited and even a little bit hopeful. As fall comes around, I am curious to see what’s in store for me, and the thought of a life of travel in 2022 is making this cluster f*ck of a year seem so much more bearable. All-in-all, my conversation with Angel was exactly what I needed – an injection of hope and possibility.

You can book a session with Angel Morgan on her site,, and follow her on Instagram.

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