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Getting Witch-y

Getting Witch-y

Written by Amanda Vlavianos

As October hits and Halloween approaches, my inner witch itches to be released. A lover of all things black, leather and lace, I have officially shed my summer brights and am progressing full speed into witch-wear. 

Pop culture has given us many variations of what “witch-wear” looks like – are you more of a Wednesday Addams, or a Sanderson sister? The depiction of witches has taken on many forms, but for the most part, the witches we know and love wear black. Why black, you ask? The colour black absorbs negative energy in the same way that it absorbs light from the sun; in short, black is the colour you want to wear to protect yourself and ward off negative vibes. 

As a big believer in colour magic, I truly believe that colour has the power to evoke certain emotional responses, whether it’s being displayed in living space or worn in outfit choices. Colour magic practitioner, Sarah Potter, describes colour magic as “using the colour spectrum and the intention of each colour to invoke its magical response.” So if yellow evokes happiness and wisdom, and red draws passion, then wearing black should certainly bounce off negativity and feed us stability when we need it most. 

My personal sector of witch-channeling stems from Jessica Lange’s character, Fiona Goode, in American Horror Story’s third season, Coven. The reigning Supreme Witch of her generation and baddest witch in town, her ensembles of Ralph Lauren and Saint Laurent, head-to-toe black and always in heels, she epitomizes my aspirations of witchy-chic in both style and attitude. 

In an effort to embrace Halloween time without looking basic or costume-y, our favourite looks will work whether you’re home watching Hocus Pocus or concocting potions while dining outdoors at the local watering hole. As we know, what you wear has the power to change the energy you give off and attract; in turn, your outfit is a powerful tool filled with magical powers – so we must choose wisely! 

By now you all know of my love for sweaters , and my pursuit of witchy-ness is no exception. Everlane’s Cashmere Turtleneck Dress is my go-to sweater dress this year. Cozy but chic, I love to dress it up with boots or dress it down with loafers to fit every mood. 

Speaking of boots, if you’re looking for a “high fashion, high function” shoe, have we got the boooooot for you. Stuart Wietzman’s Ivey Bootie is the perfect stand-out shoe this fall. Rugged with a feminine twist of pearl embellishments, this block-heel boot comes in both black leather and also a metallic woven deep brown – both perfectly witchy; we may just need two pairs. 

Are sneakers more your style? We’ve got our eye on these Pierre Hardy Slider Buckle Leather Low-Top Sneakers. Effortlessly stylish with buckle strap detail, these leather slip ons are trendy with a hint of grunge. Accent them with jewelry like J.Crew’s Moon Necklace and matching earrings for pure accessory magic. 

Every fall outfit needs a skirt, and we love the look of Free People’s One Cypress Ruffle Skirt – great range of motion for hopping on a broomstick. Pair it with GRLFRND’s Bo Lace Blouse, and with another Free People beauty, a wool and suede hat (can you tell we like Free People?) and you’ll be on your way to witch-dom in no time.

As for further accessories, we’ll be accenting our witchy looks with a pair of black sunglasses – dealer’s choice, because shades are never out of season – and bold black eyeliner for indoor looks. We like Fenty’s Flyliner; it goes on smooth and is ultra precise. The option remains to keep it light or make it heavy depending on the day’s look level. 

Celebrating Halloween COVID-style should go beyond flavouring everything under the sun with pumpkin spice and creating a special potion (erm, cocktail) to curl up on the couch with. Indoor decor can also take a witchy turn; I’ve replaced my floral curtains with a darker burgundy pair and filled my home with a few new plants; specifically fresh herbs like basil, mint and lavender in the kitchen to spice up some homemade concoctions. 

How spooky will we get this October? Witch, please – only time (or my crystal ball) will tell. 


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