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The Rise of Female Boxers

The Rise of Female Boxers

Written by The Strategy

“If I want to look a little more put together I’ll try to match a button-up to a pair of men’s boxer shorts and top it off with Prada platform loafers” – Sue Williamson

Our attention was first piqued when Sue Williamson claimed that on dressier quarantined days, she opted to wear a pair of men’s boxer shorts with a button-up. The accompanying photo of said look showed blue boxers paired with a blue button-up, light grey socks and Prada’s chunky loafers. As simple as the look was, our minds were blown and we were obsessed.

Fast forward to almost-Spring 2021 (we know we have more than a month to go, but we’re trying to stay positive!), and every day on Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr produces another image of an influencer or trendsetter pairing her boxer briefs with everything from blazers to hoodies to bralettes. It safe to say, in the Covid-trend of comfort and leisurewear, boxer briefs are a must-have item. It’s an added bonus that they are supremely comfortable (unlike a denim cutoff), that allows our legs to breathe (unlike a bike short).

During these last remaining winter days, we’re pairing our shorts with our comfiest and coziest sweaters and knits, and hopefully, as life reopens, we’re going to attempt them like Sue Williamson, with a button-up and a blazer thrown on top.

HommeGirls Logo Tapered Boxer Shorts
Derek Rose Blue Amalfi Boxer Short
Fleur Du Mal Silk Boxer Shorts

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