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A Season of Nothing Special

A Season of Nothing Special

Written by Sara Fender

It’s a season of no holidays; a season of nothing special.

This time of year is always so weird to me. In the fall, I feel bombarded (in a good way) with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years to name a few – it’s just one holiday after the next with new themes and festive dinners and special outfits and days off of work and parties and all the good things. And then… nothing. I mean, I guess there’s Valentine’s Day, but I don’t like pink or hearts or forced romance. Then there is Easter and Passover. Sure, there are cute outfits involved and traditions, which I enjoy, but then… nothing… at least nothing with a major theme until it becomes Pumpkin Spice season. Lattes and Ugg boots, anyone?

So with that, and with the insanity of this last year (that seems never ending) I’ve decided to start celebrating the lesser known “holidays” and give myself something to look forward to. And even though I know I will not be receiving any holiday pay for ‘No Pants Day’ on May 7th or ‘National Donut Day’ on June 4th, I fully plan to take these days, embrace the theme and involve my friends and family.

I was an English major in college and even though my emphasis was Creative Writing (I’ve been writing the ‘Great American Novel’ for 15 years at this point) we all had to take poetry classes. They were not my favourite way to spend my time, but I did learn that I enjoy a good limerick every now and again. I need my poetry to rhyme so ‘hello’ to National Limerick Day on May 12!

National Rescue Dog Day is on May 20th. I have so many friends with rescue animals (dogs and cats) and what a perfect opportunity to get all the happy puppies together at the local dog park. We can be outside and still socially distance and food can be involved, for both us and the dogs. It’s the perfect easy holiday to ease into this new celebratory way of living – animals, sunshine, food, and friends – and not much of a time commitment.

As June begins, National Nail Polish Day sounds like a great way to start the summer months. I’m going to have anyone that wants to participate to come to my house, wear their most comfy PJs and bring their favourite polishes. I know I need to branch out on colours – I tend to stick to reds and neutrals but if someone brings a neon pink or purple, I could be convinced to try something new.

I know every day can feel like National Selfie Day but technically it is on Monday, June 21. This is a way for you and your friends to do something together without having to actually be together. I’ve started a list of random “Selfie Challenges” that I send out and then enjoy seeing how everyone puts their unique spin on it. Some suggestions:

  1. Double chin Selfie
  2. Selfie with an animal that is not your own
  3. Trendy Selfie (how many trends can you wear at one time)
  4. Selfie with your favourite citrus fruit

I’ll add a few more to the list but it is on a Monday and most of us have full-time jobs so I’m not trying to get too crazy.

I think we all need things to look forward to, whether it’s your next vacation, party, date, or holiday – and with the way life has been the last year and a half, we’ve had to put most of these events on hold. It has been tough. Take the initiative and find your own favourite new “holidays” and be the one to give yourself and your friends and family something to look forward to again. I’ll see you on May 29 for National Paperclip Day.

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