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Return to Real Life Survival Guide

Return to Real Life Survival Guide

Written by The Strategy

Are you ready to return to real life? Team TS has the survival guide to get you through.

We don’t want to get too excited, but with the vaccine rollout well underway and more and more people are getting vaccinated, a return to real life may just be on its way. However, after more than a year of fear and self-isolation, the thought of returning to real life is terrifying – something we did not expect to happen.

As social interaction makes a slow return to the world, with our DIY’d haircuts and dusty social skills, the thought of interacting with more than a group of 5 people is unsettling. What do we talk about? How close do we get? What do we wear that isn’t sweats?!

If you’re unsure about the return to real life, you don’t have to go through it alone. Team TS has some guidance on how to get through.

Initial Interactions

The one thing we’re most excited for is to finally see the people we love sans mask, and be able to touch them. At first, we laughed at the thought of a hug from a friend bringing us joy; now, we tear up at the thought. As soon as our government allows it, and once we’re fully vaccinated, we want to be with our nearest and dearest.

However, we do recommend having a chat before meeting, like Samantha Bitty suggested, to learn what everyone is comfortable with. Even if social distancing and masks regulations are no longer in place, it’s important to check in first. Mask? No mask? Hugs? Social distancing? Everyone has different comfort levels, and it’s important to respect other people’s boundaries. What may be nothing to you, may still feel uncomfortable and scary to someone else. Don’t take it personally.

Conversation Starters

Please, no more questions about how we spent Covid! Unless you’re interacting with an influencer or wealthy celebrity, most people have been spending Covid quarantine in the exact same way – trying not to go stir crazy by doing home updates, creating cocktails and hoping for brighter days.

Instead, why don’t you talk about:

  • Halston on Netflix
  • Future travel plans – at this point, we want to go anywhere.
  • How stunning Alicia Keys looked at the Billboard Music Awards and how awesome her performance was
  • Olivia Rodrigo. We personally have so much to say about our geriatric love for Olivia Rodrigo, so please, let us talk about Olivia Rodrigo.
  • Bennifer – yes

What to Wear

The Strategy is first and foremost a fashion and lifestyle website, so obviously we need to talk about what to wear when we return to real life. We’ve been dipping our toes into full-body dressing, but come a time when our calendars are full of weddings and social events, we’re not sure we’re ready to totally kick off our shearling Birkenstock Arizona sandals or commit to denim full-time. As we’re also a touch apprehensive to splash out on a new post-Covid wardrobe (fear of another lockdown exists), we’re taking a page from Allison Bornstein’s book, and shopping our own wardrobes and adding smart investments.

Do You

While we have all had the shared experience of lockdown and Covid-fear, each person has had a completely different time of it. Some thrived, some struggled, and some lost loved ones. When returning to real life, it’s important to understand and appreciate everyone’s struggle, and also accept your own feelings. If you’re not ready for drinks in a restaurant or an unmasked walk by the lake, don’t do it. If you are ready to throw yourself back into pre-Covid life, do it. Be mindful of yourself and everyone around you.

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