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What Inspired Us This Week: Mirrors, Chanel & Zendaya

What Inspired Us This Week: Mirrors, Chanel & Zendaya

Written by The Strategy

What Inspired Team TS This Week

Inspiration is all around us. It can come from art, coffee table books, people we see on the streets, travel, music – really, anywhere. When the pandemic hit and life went into lockdown, we struggled to find inspiration within the four walls of our work from home set-ups. After over a year of searching, we’ve come to realize that inspiration can come from even the smallest of details.

As The Strategy hopes to share the inpsiriaton behind the style of our favourite fashion insiders and muses, we’ve decided to share with you the little details in life that have been inspiring us.

What Inspired Us This Week

As Chanel celebrated the 100th anniversary of Chanel No.5 with the Factory 5 collection, a collection everyday items with a Chanel No.5 upgrade, we looked back to one of our all-time favourite Chanel creations: Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art. The 2010 creation has been a treasured possession since first acquired, and we can’t wait to add Factory 5 items to our collection. We also want to take this opportunity to share our absolute favourite Chanel Beauty product, La Base. Meant as a nail primer, this base coat adds a nail salon quality to our mani’s and looks brilliant even on its own.

What Inspired Us This Week

We’ve never been more inspired to eat than when we first scrolled Abhishek Dekate’s Instagram. His drool-worthy and aesthetically perfect images had us hitting “Follow” quicker than we could search our favourite restaurant on DoorDash. If food-stagram’s isn’t your thing, his interior decorating game is also off the charts.

What Inspired Us This Week

The world simply does not deserve Zendaya. For last Sunday’s BET Awards, Zendaya served a look that literally had our jaws on the floor. The Versace look that payed homage to Beyoncé’s 2003 BET performance will most probably go down in history as one of the years, nay the decade’s most iconic looks. Thank you Law Roach and Zendaya for doing this for us.

What Inspired Us This Week

Ashe’s album, Ashlyn, came out in May, but we only just sat down to take in all of the music. We laughed, we cried, and we developed a crush on Niall Horan’s voice after listening to the Moral of The Story Bonus Track. Yes, we know 1D fans, we’re late to the party.

What Inspired Us This Week

Stores are finally re-opening in Toronto, and we can’t get our credit cards out fast enough. This rectangular mirror spied on the Elle & Eve consignment store Instagram, has haunted our dreams, and is currently an absolutely-must-have. Strolling through the treasure trove of vintage finds is a huge dose of inspiration, you may find yourself in need of. Visit them at 50 Samor Rd., Toronto.



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