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Fall Trends, as Spotted in New York

Fall Trends, as Spotted in New York

Written by Sara Fender

The fall season is here, and with it, fall trends.

As I walked through Central Park, I spotted her pants from a mile away. Ok, not literally a mile, my eyesight is good but it’s not that good. For argument’s sake, she was far, but those Chloe front pleat wide-leg trousers in dark pine had been taking up free real estate in my head for weeks and there they were, in front of me, in person, and they were more perfect than I could have imagined. As she sauntered past me, I couldn’t help but stare as I imagined all the looks I would create should those pants ever grace the doors of my own closet.

Lost in a haze of virgin wool and back flap pockets, I came back to reality to become slightly more aware of my surroundings, in the wardrobe department at least. And that’s when I realized that even though it was still quite warm outside, the fall trends were in full swing.

Having just come from the Costume Institute exhibit at the Met Museum where the focus was on American fashion, denim and sportswear were the two main takeaways for me, and out here, in the real world, they were both on full display, but with a fall twist.

As I kept walking through the Upper East Side, I began to take note of what fall trends were actually being worn. We’re bombarded every year with all the upcoming trends for the next season but I’ve never really paid attention to which ones become popular and which ones fade into the background.

Jewel tones were playing a big role on this day, with beautiful emerald greens, ruby reds, and mulberry purples sashaying past me at a rapid rate on wide leg pants (hello Chloe!) and matching skirt and sweater sets. Classic boucle and tweed suiting in the likes of Chanel were also on full display on the older crowd who graced me with their presence on the Upper East Side. On the younger set, these same fabrics were just as prevalent but in much trendier shapes and cuts. Oversized tweed blazers thrown over short unitards and worn with white Fila Disruptor sneakers kept the style updated for younger generations.

As I took the subway downtown a different style of fall fashion favourites were showing themselves. Nothing says fall like plaid, especially in classic red or green buffalo print, but the way I was seeing plaid was new. Tartan joggers in various hues (grays and red being the most popular) worn with basic crop top t-shirts and ankle boots were as common as beards in Brooklyn. And I love it – both the plaid joggers and the beard. I’m a sucker for groomed facial hair (just not a mustache. Never a mustache). Throw a leather jacket over your shoulders, editor style, for those cooler nights and you have an air of “oh, this?” about you that I strive for on a daily basis.

I continued my travels to Soho, which, in my opinion, is the epitome of where classic and trendy meet. Denim was on full display as I navigated past some of my favorite shops, Denim dresses with cut-outs in all the right places paired with your favorite fall boots and a sweater will up your Americana game this fall. Also, denim patchwork, on jeans, jackets, skirts, and button-up shirts, were giving all the warm and fuzzy 70s vibes that I have always secretly loved. Deep down, I’m pretty sure I lived another life in London in the 60s and 70s, but until I find the right clairvoyant to confirm, I’ll just have to pretend.

Later that night, at dinner in Little Italy with the sounds and sights of a street carnival in the background, and people gathered from every corner of the city into one place I noticed a trend that seemed to surpass boroughs and age groups. The juxtaposition of bold floral prints on smaller pieces of clothing, like crop tops and mini skirts, as well as on accessories like scarves and larger handbags. A wispy romantic dress from Zimmermann in muted blush and rose tones or literally anything from Farm Rio, seemed like the trend of choice for this particular evening. And as someone who typically isn’t “into florals” after an hour of watching all the pretty little things float by, I was all in.

Even though I was not expecting the fall trends to be out and about already, seeing them on real people in real life and being able to see the movement of the fabric and the richness of the colors was far better than looking longingly at them on the pages of magazines or while scrolling through my Instagram feed. So, as fall quickly approaches, I fully plan on pulling out all the stops. After all, we can leave our houses this year, so I’ve got some time to make up for last year.

GANNI Floral-print silk-twill scarf
ANINE BING Dinone blazer
NILI LOTAN Madeline patchwork-denim midi skirt
Farm Rio River Creatures Chiffon Top

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