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Influenced by The Olsens

Influenced by The Olsens

Written by Natasha Lawrence

I love the Olsen twins. I really do.

While I wasn’t a kid who owned every Olsen twin movie on VHS and played them on repeat, I was a girl who exclusively wore oversized t-shirts and layers of jewelry in homage to the duos early aughts style. When I met my best friend (in fashion school, naturally), we bonded over the fact that we both did presentations on the inimitable style of Mary Kate and Ashley. When the Olsen twins started carrying Balenciaga City bags, I saved my pennies until I could buy one. When I smudged blue nail polish on my suede Alexander Wang bag, I didn’t feel too heartbroken, as Mary Kate once carried a green City bag with blue ink smeared all over the bottom.

Long story short, I am influenced by the Olsens.

And I’m not the only one. As multiple CFDA award winners, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have influenced the fashion industry for years, not only through their multiple clothing lines, but also through their street and red carpet style. To the Olsen’s we can attribute the rise of boho maxi dresses (but we do give a special shoutout to Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie), the slouchy beanie, and wearing black with blue (remember when that was an absolutely no-go?).

However, I feel there are still so many overlooked trends that we have the Olsen twins to thank for starting. I’m not talking the trend of extremely oversized handbags, fur (a trend I firmly do not support), or the 2006 fall Balenciaga platform boot. I’m talking about trends that are easy, and achievable, and that add little flairs of style to an outfit.

Comfortable footwear: Yes, they did champion the Balenciaga platform boots and had very pre-teen girl yearning for a pair of round toe Christian Louboutin patent pumps, in recent years the twins have been stepping out in Birkenstocks, Teva’s, flip flops and on a night out, kitten heeled mules. I support this footwear switch whole-heartedly!

Oversized pants: While loose, comfy and oversized pants are a trend to seemingly come out of a pandemic-imposed work-from-home life, the Olsens have been rocking their’s since 2010. Whether at the airport or on the streets, oversized pants have been worn by the twins with low messy buns, and envy-inducing handbags.

Vintage t-shirts paired with statement jewelry: We’ve talked about this before. I won’t bore you with a recap.

The art of scarf layering: In my youth, I’ve watched one too many a video on intricate ways to tie a scarf – whether it be thrown over a winter coat, or a silk version worn over a summer look. What I have since realized, thanks to the Olsens, is the best way to wear a scarf is simply, thrown over your shoulders or around your neck. No fuss. No muss.

An Oversized Knit: Nothing screams fall in New York quite like paparazzi shots of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen outside of The Row HQ on smoke break clad in trousers and oversized knits. Normally, layered under coats or over t-shirts and tanks, oversized knits are a staple in the Olsen closet and are the quickest outfit solution to cold, grey days.

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