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Glowing Winter Skin

Glowing Winter Skin

Written by Emma D'Arcy

Whilst our wardrobes have been getting a lot of care and attention, thanks to the festive season, it’s our skin that needs an extra boost to prepare for the more unforgiving conditions of the winter months. Our skin always needs a little TLC at this time of year, given the amount of extra stress it endures – from exposure to the outdoor elements to drying out in warm houses, offices and restaurants – plus the toll of late nights and excessive alcohol or food indulgences.

To ensure you are glowing on the outside throughout the winter season, I’d recommend investing in a skincare routine to see you through the colder months. It doesn’t have to be lengthy and expensive, it just requires a little research to find the right products for you, then trialing out different brands to see what suits your skin. It’s certainly worth spending a few minutes each day looking after your skin especially in the winter – and more flexible daily routines (*sigh, another lockdown, *sigh) allow time to invest in a little self-care that goes a long way towards giving you a healthy seasonal glow.

I suggest starting with a cleanser that works for your skin type (my skin tends to dry out during the festive season so I invest in an ultra-creamy cleanser) and a gentle facial exfoliator that you can use two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells and keep the skin feeling clean and fresh. I follow this with a refreshing toner (it’s amazing how much better my skin feels after this step!) followed by an overnight serum or nourishing oil and rich night cream. If you haven’t used skin oil before then now is the time to start, especially if your skin is dried out – use after toning to lock in hydration whilst giving your skin that instant bright healthy glow. It’s worthwhile doubling up on cleansing in the evening after a night out if you’ve worn make-up, to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed of any make-up residue.

For a daytime moisturiser I swap a lotion in the summer months for an enriching cream – and if the formula you like doesn’t contain sun protection then I’d lather that on top, whatever the weather. Using sun protection all year round to protect your skin is the best skincare advice I have ever been given, along with keeping hydrated with plenty of water, herbal tea and crucially – enough sleep. Finally, a hydrating mask every week or so keeps your skin well hydrated and ready for whatever exciting plans you have for the season.

See how you get on with these tips and speak to friends who might have their own suggestions that work wonders. Investing time keeping your skin in top condition will always pay off, especially when you’re finally out of lockdown and able to get all-dressed up again. A bright, healthy complexion complements any dazzling winter outfit and never goes out of style.

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