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Tweets Are Not Dead

Tweets Are Not Dead

Written by The Strategy

We love Instagram, we really do. We love sharing our Alum’s #StyleTips in our Stories, and the overall inspiration we gain from our morning perusal.

We love that a scroll through Instagram doesn’t require much concentration and can be done while watching the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, or waiting for your name to be called in a doctor’s office. But, when Instagram went down the last time, we turned to an old favourite social media platform to get us through, and eventually came to the realization that we may even prefer it to the old IG. That platform: Twitter. While there is still a surprising amount of people and brands still not on the platform, we are here to say ‘Tweets are not Dead’.

Going back to the yester-years where Lindsay Lohan dominated every tabloid and Blackberries (RIP) were the technology of choice, Twitter reigned supreme. When drinking a coffee in a café alone, Twitter was a companion. When someone wanted to share news about their engagement, baby or trip to Cabo, Twitter was the place to say it. Even in the early stages of Instagram, you could tweet news of your latest Instagram post.

While we know most aren’t ready to delete Instagram and switch over to Twitter (we know we aren’t), we want to make the case for Twitter by introducing you to some of our favourite follows.

Vanessa Friedman – The New Your Times Fashion Director and Critic is our favourite fashion news source, especially during the time of Fashion Week. Her reviews and tweets are honest, and she keeps us informed on all things fashion.

Danielle PrescodTS Alum Danielle Prescod is a favourite follow on both IG and Twitter. Okay, we actually are just huge fans in general – social media or IRL. 90% of her tweets have us screaming “YES!” and hitting ‘like’ with rapid speed. She gets us, and her online presence makes us want to be her BFF. She also is a great source for TV recommendations. She turned us onto Welcome to Plathville, our guilty pleasure of the summer.

Sophie Ross -Speaking of TV and entertainment, editor and writer Sophie Ross is our go-to for all things pop culture. Her tweets often sound like things we would say to our best friends and more often then once we’ve shared her tweets with our fellow reality tv obsessed friends. It should also be noted that her episodes of Podcast, So Bad It’s Good, are our favourites.

Tweets Aren't Dead

Brian Moylan – Speaking of reality TV, we would be remiss not to tell you about our follow, and another TS Alum, Brian Moylan. The author of The Housewives: The Real Story Behind the Real Housewives, is our go-to source for all things Housewives. His commentary on each episode and his Vulture recaps have us crying with laughter.

Tweets Aren't Dead

Lauren Sherman – Bringing things back around to fashion, now that we’ve divulged to you are obsession with television, Business of Fashion’s Lauren Sherman is a must-follow. Her tweets are often short and sweet, like the January 4th tweet of “very into white activewear”, but as fashion enthusiasts we, a) agree with her statements, and b) love how to the point her statements can be. We also are very into white activewear.

Tweet's Aren't Dead

The Strategy – We obviously think that if you’re not already, you should definitely be following Team TS on Twitter. Need we say more?

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