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If You Liked Bridgerton, Read This

If You Liked Bridgerton, Read This

Written by Michelle Lawrence

Reformed rakes can get it. Bridgerton-esque historical romance reads

If you’ve been finding yourself lusting over big jewels, big dresses, and dashing rakes, we assume you have spent the last week or so (like us), bingeing Shondaland and Netflix’s season two of Bridgerton.

After season 1, we shared with you some of our other favourite historical romance reads. This season if you lusted after the character of the eldest Bridgerton, the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton and admired his foil/heroine Kate Sharma, we have a few other historical romance reads that may just tickle your fancy:

Born to Be Wilde by Eloisa James

Lavania Gray is smart and beautiful, but being around the uptight Parth Sterling, turns her into a tongue-tied idiot, who is only capable of insulting him or picking fights with him. And then she has to ask him to marry her. It does not go well but then it goes really well. We love a strong-willed woman who doesn’t follow conventional societal norms.

The Rake by Suzanne Enoch

Once upon a time the Viscount Dare and Lady Georgiana Halley had a bit of thing. Unfortunately for him, he forget to tell the Lady about the time he bet his friends he could talk her out of her stockings. She was, understandably, pissed. The book starts a few years after the scandal and has Georgiana plotting her revenge. There is much grovelling. 

His Lessons on Love by Cathy Maxwell

Don’t let the title fool you –  The Earl of Marsden is on the receiving end of these lessons, and they start the moment his ex-mistress leaves their baby girl on his doorstep and flees the country. As a total reprobate and irresponsible man of wealth, he has no clue on what to do with the baby and has no choice but to turn to the only woman who has never liked him, Clarissa Taylor, an orphan herself and thoroughly sick of her position in the world as aged spinster with no prospects.She agrees to help him -f or a price, of course. 

Born to Be Wilde by Eloisa James

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