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Georgia Makely-Schraeder

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides

Image credit: Ryan Sides


Learning Georgia Makely-Schraeder’s style story.

We’d like for you to meet Ford Modeling Agency’s Global Digital Director, Georgia Makely-Schraeder.

With a penchant for nineties-meets-seventies style and voluminous hair, we first became enamoured when we spotted her IG account. Following her travels from Chanel’s Miami Cruise show to her adventures at Paris Fashion Week, we’re not only jealous of her jet-setting fashion forward lifestyle, but also the way she has perfected Bridgette Bardot’s sultry eye look.

We absolutely had to know what inspires her iconic and unique style, and what style tips she can share with us.


How do you start your day off?

In the morning, I keep my phone on “Do Not Disturb” until 8:30am to give myself some time to wake up without jumping into work. I’ll also listen to some positive affirmations to ease me into the right headspace for a busy day. I then leisurely do my hair and makeup, pick out my look, and head out to the subway station. I grab an oat milk cappuccino and croissant from my favourite coffee shop, Devocion, to accompany my walk to the Ford Models office in Manhattan. It always starts my day off on the right foot!

What’s going on in the background when you are getting ready?

While getting ready for my work day, I usually listen to a fashion, history or true crime podcast. My husband laughs that he always catches me tuning into something ultra-serious while I’m putting on my mascara. If I’m getting dolled up for a night out, you can find me listening to my disco playlist and pretending I’m going to Studio54.

You never live home without…

When I leave home, I always have a handbag from my collection, a pair of sunglasses and a million lipstick options. My go-to combo right now is my Prada Cleo bag, Celine Triomphe sunnies, and Clinique Black Honey lipstick. You’ll also never catch me without hand sanitizer and a mini perfume. They all help make me feel put together even on the most chaotic of days.

CELINE EYEWEAR Triomphe 01 oval sunglasses
JAMES PERSE Vintage Boy cotton-jersey T-shirt
ANOTHER TOMORROW High-rise wool tailored trousers
CHANEL Perfect Fit Flap Coin Purse

What are your closet essentials?

I think of my style as a mix of nineties minimalist and seventies glamour. My daytime and work staples are inspired by nineties street style, such as tailored trousers, blazers, long skirts, and simple white t-shirts. For evenings and events, I lean into the drama by bringing in elements like feathers, corsets and sequins. I’d be surprised if you saw me out and about without at least a few feathers!

You always splurge on, and you always save on…

I’m a big proponent of investing in accessories. You can take a simple thrifted or up cycled look and make it feel like a million dollars by pairing it with a vintage designer bag or luxury shoe. The quality will last a lifetime and they can become treasured family heirlooms. I typically save on ‘trendier’ pieces by shopping pre-loved from sites like The RealReal or Depop. Overall, I’m trying to limit purchasing any items that I won’t wear more than once. I’ve even discovered some fun services in NYC like Bipty, RENTL, and Pickle where you can rent a look – it’s the perfect solution for events and helps me avoid resorting to fast fashion.

What is your biggest fashion regret?

One of my biggest regrets is not holding on to more of my mom’s pieces from the nineties and early aughts. She had so many great silhouettes and pieces that I search high and low for now! Nowadays I keep a closer eye on her closet to see what I can snag for the future – much to her dismay.

What is one piece of clothing you wish you could steal from your 16 year old self?

At sixteen I was working for a celebrity stylist in San Francisco and caught the bug for items out of my price range early. I ended up buying a 90’s cobalt blue Chanel cashmere two piece set at a vintage store with the money from my first pay checks. I ended up selling it to pay for some moving expenses in college and have regretted it every day since.

MARC JACOBS HEAVEN Silver 'Fuck' Jewel Necklace
Mach & Mach Feather-Trimmed Ribbed Knit Mini Dress
CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick
Prada Cleo shoulder bag

What inspires your style most?

I’m endlessly scrolling Pinterest for inspiration from my street style icons like Carolyn-Bessette Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Naomi Campbell, Jane Birkin, Kate Moss, Princess Diana, Bianca Jagger, and more. Depending on my mood or the occasion, I’ll pick my favourite of the it-girls to channel for the day. I also look to the creators and influencers I represent at Ford Models Digital. They’re each so unique and forward-thinking in their style and it inspires me to embrace dressing how I feel empowered and to create my own fashion identity.

Your #1 style tip is…

Echoing my sentiment above, my biggest piece of advice is to wear whatever makes you feel the most uniquely “you.” Trends are ever-changing and there will always be new things to buy or someone else’s closet to envy. It can feel vulnerable to stand out from the crowd, but people will always take note of those who have that confidence. Being “you” will never go out of style.


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