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Mandy Madden Kelley

Image courtesy of Mandy Madden Kelley

Image courtesy of Mandy Madden Kelley

Image courtesy of Mandy Madden Kelley

Image courtesy of Mandy Madden Kelley

Image courtesy of Mandy Madden Kelley

Image courtesy of Mandy Madden Kelley

Image courtesy of Mandy Madden Kelley

Image courtesy of Mandy Madden Kelley


Learning Mandy Madden Kelley’s style story.

Mandy Madden Kelley’s style is timeless and classic. Whether she’s investing in quality basics from brands like Khaite or The Row, or creating products for her own brand, Pagerie, everything in her wardrobe is meant to last and flow seamlessly through the seasons.

Once, a lawyer living in New Zealand, Mandy is now living in Los Angeles working as a creative consultant as well founder and CEO of her own brand, Pagerie. The brand was launched in 202o and is a business unlike any others the market has ever seen – luxury pet goods crafted in Italian leather and sold in stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks and Harrods. The Pagerie line consists of leashes, collars, harnesses, and more with the quality and craftsmanship of a covetable designer handbag. The brand and Kelley, both have the same call to embrace the notion of fewer, better quality items, paying homage to the environment, all while still being sartorially savvy. A sentiment we totally agree with and have incorporated into our own list of new year resolutions.

Recently, she translated her love of skincare to a new e-book, The Glow Theorem.

We spoke with Mandy to learn all about what inspires her style, and what style tips she has to share.


How do you start your day off?

As I rise in the morning, I begin my day by taking a moment of self-care to collect myself and create a sense of peace. Following this, I prepare a cup of coffee that helps me find energy as I enter the day. Afterward, I indulge in breakfast which helps replenish my body with fuel as I get ready for the day ahead. Walking the dogs is always one of my favourite activities as it allows me to reflect and appreciate nature before tending to anything else. Finally, I share quality time with my daughter, Kaia, while driving her to school – it often serves as a time for us to chat and gently prepare her for her educational endeavours. Thus begins another journey into Pagerie each morning and ultimately sets the tone for a thriving day.

What’s going on in the background when you are getting ready?

As I’m getting ready for my day, it’s been lovely to have a pleasant backdrop including the sound of Kaia munching away contentedly as she enjoys her breakfast. Our fur babies provide an entertaining distraction too; their joyous games of merry chase can almost be heard throughout the house. My commute might be short today, but nonetheless, Lewis Howes’ The Daily Motivation show is filling my ears and heart with vital inspiration, amping me up for whatever the day may bring.

You never live home without…

Every time I set out of my home, I make sure I am well-equipped with the essentials. My Pagerie Éve Bag always has my RMS Liplights in shade Bare, tucked away just in case I feel the need to freshen up my pout. Sun protection with Supergoop SPF never fails to make its way into my bag. And, of course, my sunglasses and hand sanitizer complete my everyday accessory list. This stylish and practical ensemble is vital when stepping outside!

RMS Beauty Liplights Cream Lip Gloss
CELINE Triomphe cat-eye acetate sunglasses

What are your closet essentials?

Having a deep appreciation for detail, I’m certainly never lacking when it comes to my closet essentials. From my Feritti silk scarf from Pagerie, to the incredibly versatile Totême tanks tops that can be styled or layered underneath any look, I truly enjoy curating an impeccably timeless wardrobe. And, let’s not forget about The Row Moon boots – a must-have for any season! I am drawn to these boots for their chic design and superior comfort. I could honestly own a pair in every single colour.

You always splurge on, and you always save on…

When it comes to fashion, I love having the perfect blend of quality and practicality. My brand, Pagerie, is something I am immensely proud of. Every aspect that goes into the creation of our pieces is carefully considered; from the materials choses for their unique properties to the intricate cuts and designs that make each clothing item a statement piece in itself. These are timeless investments with longevity, which is why I always splurge on this company. On the other hand, there are certain minimalistic basics that I can wear over and over again, and so for these, I opt for timeless brands offering clothing items of quality and durability. Practicality and style should never be mutually exclusive and my wardrobe strives to embody that mantra every day.

What is your biggest fashion regret?

I regret buying fast fashion in the past. It might have seemed like a savvy decision at the time, but I now understand that forgoing quality in favour of cheapness was far from wise. Fast fashion not only falls short in terms of lasting style, but it takes a toll on the economy and our environment as clothing is produced hastily and cheaply with little consideration for long-term ethical consequences. Achieving an elegant aesthetic has led me to appreciate carefully crafted garments all the more. Too often we are sold on rampant consumerism rather than informed decision making, so I am sure to treat future purchases with the respect they deserve.

What is one piece of clothing you wish you could steal from your 16 year old self?

My lobster claw hair clips hold nostalgic value for me. They are a reminder of my childhood self and the joy I felt when I would dress up. Even now, wearing them to special occasions, I can’t help but smile as memories flood into my mind. The part that really takes me back is the unique design – two pieces of metal in the shape of a claw and then clasped together with fabric. It was so whimsical and alluring – something wholly delightful and mine.

Supergoop! PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50 PA
TOTEME Espera ribbed organic cotton-blend tank top
PAGERIE The Feritti
The Row zip-front ankle boots

What inspires your style most?

From the vibrant diversity of Mother Nature to the stark lines of architectural designs, my style has always been inspired by a range of visual and artistic influences. Whether that be wild animals or mesmerizing works of art, I find myself continuously drawn to them and their distinct beauty. My wardrobe is often representative of my admiration for literature and the subtle elegance found on runways across the globe. Through it all, I strive to create an outfit that is timelessly which but always culturally relevant.

Your #1 style tip is…

When it comes to developing a signature style, my top tip is to always invest in pieces that will age gracefully with time. Instead of buying items of lower quality, opt for investing in fewer items that transcend trends and can be worn for many years. In addition, when selecting clothing, look to neutral colours, such as navy, grey, and beige, rather than bolder hues as these are more timeless and therefore appropriate for the long term. Layering these key features will create an elegant yet effortless look that you can wear again and again no matter the occasion or season. This way, you will be able to build a stylish wardrobe without compromising on quality or spending too much money.


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