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The Future is Female: Madison Karsenty of Flower Firm LA

Written by The Strategy

Girl Boss. She.E.O. It’s time for the world to realize that the future is, well, female. There are so many female entrepreneurs who inspire us and we wanted to know more about how they got their companies off the ground. Welcome to our new series: The Future Is Female, where we sit down with inspiring female entrepreneurs and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how their companies operate. 

Since we first spotted Flower Firm LA‘s arrangements on Jamie Mizrahi’s Instagram, we’ve been obsessed. The arrangements are all beautiful, and a touch wild. We followed Flower Firm’s Instagram, of course, but we wanted to know more about Flower Firm and the woman behind the company. Meet Madison Karsenty. A former lawyer turned florist whose non-traditional sensibilities have us inspired.

What made you start Flower Firm LA?

I really started when I was preparing for my wedding. I interviewed a bunch of florists and I wasn’t content with any of their proposals. My husband and I got married at Temescal Canyon Park in the Palisades. It was very impromptu. I was 5 months pregnant, so it was non-traditional and neither of us were focused on having a super traditional wedding. We kind of  wanted everyone to be involved. Our two best friends officiated it, we had friends make our playlist, our friend who was a photographer shot everything – we didn’t hire anyone. So, I just thought, “I’m going to do the flowers”. I went to the flower mart and I bought a bunch of vintage french tin buckets on Etsy, and I filled them all with wildflowers. Everyone was saying it looked so beautiful and wanted to know who did it. I told them I did it, 5 months pregnant, at 5 AM this morning, instead of getting my hair and makeup done for my wedding. That was the start of it for me, a little more than 4 years ago. And then, I had kids, and I was working as a lawyer, and was debating getting a job at a big firm. My husband has a really flexible schedule and we both like to travel, so I thought “What if I just start my own business?” My husband is very supportive and asked me what I needed to get this going. He helped me. He’s in the restaurant business, so he got industrial refrigerators, and that’s really are you need. I had a friend do my branding, and it’s grown by word-of-mouth. Everyone is wanting to help a friend.

How did you come up with the name?

I picked Flower Firm because I’m a lawyer, obviously. So Flower Firm felt like an obvious choice.

What were some of the challenges in starting something on your own?

It’s definitely a learning curve. It’s an art. Learning how to respect each flower on it’s own, and create an arragement that’s balanced. Learning not to waste a flower was the most important lesson I learned. When you first start, you’re hasty. Anyone can put together a great arrangement with $200 worth of flowers. It’s like how anyone can have great style with an unlimited budget at Barney’s, but learning how to mix high and low, and add greenery and forage and using what’s around you- that’s what sets you apart.

Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Know something about business! As a lawyer, I’m horrible with numbers! I ask questions. I have an incredible mentor. My best friend Hayden started Pressed Juicery, and he started it with the idea to make juices accessible to the masses. The best piece of advice he’s given me is “Use your resources, and don’t be afraid to ask for favours.” People are always happy to help. As an entrepreneur, you’re starting something from scratch and you have to exhaust every avenue possible, and it’s impossible to do it by yourself. It took my a while to say to my friends to post my arrangements on Instagram, you’ve got a lot of people that follow you and like what you’re doing!Find yourself a good mentor. Someone who knows what they’re talking about. It doesn’t have to be one person, it can be a variety of people.


Visit the Flower Firm LA from now until Feb. 14th at The Platform, 8820 Washington Blvd., #107, Culver City, CA



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