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Anine Bing Savage Rose: Candle Vs. Perfume

Anine Bing Savage Rose: Candle Vs. Perfume

Written by The Strategy

Here’s our dilemma: We walk into an Anine Bing store, and it smells intoxicating. We learn that the smell is coming from the Anine Bing Savage Rose candle that we can buy in store. We can also buy the Anine Bing Savage Rose Perfume Oil. Both smell amazing, but we can’t decide what we want more.

The Scent

First things first: Both the perfume and candle are described as ‘the essence of romance.’ Prior to smelling the scent, we had no clue what ‘the essence of romance’ would smell like, but when our nostrils picked up the scent, we learned that the Anine Bing team totally hit the nail on the head with that description. The scent is a mixture of Bulgarian rose and white rose with notes of musk and black pepper.

The Candle

It all started with the candle. Hand poured and made in LA with 100% vegetable wax, Anine Bing first introduced the Savage Rose scent via the candle in early 2017. Each Anine Bing store has the candle lit, filling the space with that scent of romance with a hint of spice. When ours was placed in TSHQ, the scent quickly filled the space and covered up any other smells in the office. Everyone who walked in, even after the candle was blown own, remarked how good it smelled in the office, and wanted to know who or what it was. It had the same effect when taken home and placed in our apartments. Not only did it smell great, but the smell is also rather soothing and had a calming effect on us.

The Perfume Oil

The perfume oil, as we’ve discussed before, comes in little 15ml bottles that make it perfect for girls on the go. We’ve been keeping ours in our handbags for easy access. Normally, we find that after a few hours, the smell of perfume has worn off on our skin, but Anine Bing’s Savage Rose stays put until the next morning. Perhaps it’s the oil base, or perhaps it’s the strength of the perfume; we’re not quite sure. When wearing it, we were contanstly complimented, much like our office space, and people were curious to know what it was. The most notable comment was received when a TS team member hugged a male friend who noted she “smelled intoxicating.”

If you face the dilemma we talked about earlier, we’ve come to the consensus that we can’t be of any help. We love the way the candle makes our abodes smell, and we love the way the oil perfume makes us smell. The candle retails for $49 and the perfume for $69. We can only say that we have high praise for both, and we think you should indulge. Buy both. Enjoy.







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