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Glossier You Vs. You

Glossier You Vs. You

Written by The Strategy

We love Glossier here at TS HQ. We’re talking crazy stupid love, that has the office a-buzz the morning of a new product release, and lunch breaks talking about the benefits of the Milk Jelly Cleanser. We’re just like the rest of the millennials out there, who have tried the brand and are hooked. Naturally, we were excited when Glossier released You perfume last year. But, with their release of the You solid, we had a bit of an debacle. Which one should we buy? You or You?

Glossier You (Eau de Parfum)

As the first to come out in the You line-up, we’ll always have a soft-spot for the perfume. A spritz on the wrists and behind the ears, and we have a smell that is unique to each of us, and lasts all day long. The base notes of the perfume include ambrette, ambrose, and musk, with top notes of iris root and pink pepper. But, what really makes Glossier You stand out from the rest is the first and most important ingredient: You. The 1.7 fl oz bottle makes it light enough to stash in your handbag for those extra hot, sticky days, but the only downside is it’s 0.7 fl oz too much to chance at airport security.

50ml retails at $60

Glossier You (Solid)

Transportable? Check ✓. Unlikely to be confiscated by the TSA when travelling? Check ✓. Amazing smell that is unique to each person that wears it? Check ✓. This version of You comes in an anhydrous solid format that melts into the skin when applied. It’s packaged in the cutest compact that has a fit perfect for the curve of the thumb, and the flippable hinged swivel replaces our fidget-spinner during longer meeting. #Multipurpose.

4g retails at $22

The Decision

We can’t decide. The decision is too hard to make.


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