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Written by The Strategy

We’ve introduced you to Elise Gabriel, now it’s time we introduce you to her baby: Paradox. No this isn’t a chubby cheeked cherub, but instead, a beauty brand that’s about to kick your beauty routine up ten notches.

Made to check three boxes, the Paradox brand believes in travel friendly packaging, effective and high quality ingredients and using ethical and sustainable organic ingredients. The brand is also a brand that’s “made for women, by women”. An ethos we can definitely get behind. They work with various organization to sustainably source ingredients, whilst providing work and educational opportunities to the women who produce the ingredients. That statement alone makes us support the brand 100%.

The first product on their roster is Marrakech Liquid Gold. It’s described as a multitasking beauty oil, and it’s a description that fits the product well. Here at TS HQ, we’ve been experimenting with the product on our hair, our faces, our décolletages, our cuticles and all over the rest of our body. It leaves our hair soft and silky, and our skin glowing and moist. And it makes all smell like a rose garden. What we also liked about the oil was that it absorbed into the skin quickly and didn’t leave an oil residue. It just left the glow we’ve been eternally after. The beauty oil is formulated to moisturize, revive and replenish skin and hair naturally. It’s formula contains 100% fair trade organic Argan Oil, which is known for its healing, conditioning and anti-aging properties and is packed with Vitamin E and Omega 3-fatty acids.

Marrakech Liquid Gold has been a huge hit at TS HQ. We can’t wait to see what else Paradox has in store! Be sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up to do on their newest product launches.

Marrakech Liquid Gold, $65 for 50ml 


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