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We're No Fans of Falsies

We're No Fans of Falsies

Written by The Strategy

Move over Amal and George – Team TS has found it’s new favourite power couple. Who? You may ask. We say ‘what’ is the better question. Meet Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Primer and it’s TS favourite counterpart Velvet Noir Major Lash Mascara.

We’re not major fans of false lashes here at TS HQ, but we do love the look of longer fuller lashes. Hence, why we were so excited when the above mentioned duo landed on our desks. We love a good primer for our eyelashes and were beyond excited to give this one a try.

The primer, designed to work with the Velvet Noir Major Lash Mascara, is beige in colour, which helps in the mascara application process. While at first you look like you’ve gone and bleached your lashes, the beige colour helps you see where your mascara needs to be applied so you don’t miss a lash. The primer also helps the mascara stick to your lashes and extends the wear. It’s fortified with a peptide and vitamin B, making it a conditioning primer that coats your lashes with a plush base perfect for layering mascara and gives your lashes a little extra TLC. Your lashes are often overlooked and overworked. It results in longer, and thicker natural lashes. When paired with the Velvet Noir Major Lash Mascara, your lashes are nothing short of epic.

The mascara is formulated with a concentrated black pigment that’s designed to give you smudge-proof, super intense lash volume. In one sweep of mascara your eyes go from dull to dramatic and that’s something we here at TS can stan.

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara - Noir
MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Velvet Primer Epic Lash Primer - Prime 50

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