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Healthy, Shiny Hair is Two Gummies A Day Away

Healthy, Shiny Hair is Two Gummies A Day Away

Written by The Strategy

Multivitamins. We all know we should be taking them, yet most of us don’t. Without our parents there to dole out Flinstone’s chewables, we’re simply not doing it. Enter hers. The company that creates accessible, prescription based products to address some of women’s biggest concerns: Skin, hair and sex. One of their non-prescription products has become the newest addition to our morning routines – The Gummies. Cappuccino, avocado on toast and two chewable gummies to start the morning off.

These gummies aren’t your average drug store variety. Instead, they incorporate Vitamin B12, B6, D and Folic Acid to strengthen your hair and your nails and aid in excess shedding. The struggle in the shower drain is real. We stan. So how does it work? Biotin. Biotin isn’t something your body naturally makes, but supports the production of amino acid keratin – the protein that keeps hair healthy and shiny.

We started taking the vitamins a month ago and were surprised to see a result so soon. At the start, our nails were damaged from too many gel manicures and our hair was dyed, dried and fried.  Perfect conditions to see if there actually was a change. And there was. Within the month, our nails and hair felt and looked stronger. Also, the shower shedding was reduced greatly. Our drains and boyfriends thank you, hers.

After our test of a month was complete, we introduced another miracle product of hers to our routines – their shampoo. It’s a special hair loss shampoo that helps to control shedding and cleans the scalp. It’s a conditioning blend of DHT-blocking shampoo. What is DHT? DHT is the hormone that causes hair loss. How does it work? It’s formulated to wash away excess sebum, an oil that, in excess, can shrink hair follicles and lead to hair loss and shedding. It’s also paraben, silicon, sulphate, phthalates and gluten free and vegan. How can you go wrong.

After about two months of testing, our hair has gone from dyed, dried and fried to healthy, strong and shiny. A trade we were all too happy to make.

hers Multivitamin Gummies
hers The Shampoo

On February 27th, hers also launched a brand new category – Anxiety. In this category, hers will provide access to Propranolol, a solution to social anxiety. “Social anxiety affects more women than men and 80% of people with social anxiety go untreated due to lack of safe, convenient and affordable treatments.” Hers is here to help.

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