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Being Naomi

Being Naomi

Written by The Strategy

YouTube is great. You can find no-makeup makeup tutorials, you can watch Lizzo’s new Missy Elliot featuring music video and you can follow along with Martha as she bakes a lemon cake. There is nothing you can’t find on YouTube. But, recently, YouTube has become an obsession. Not because we suddenly became huge fans of Jeffree Star, no. We’re obsessed because Naomi Campbell has blessed us with “Being Naomi”, her very own YouTube channel. Hashtag. #Subscribe.

Between running herĀ Fashion for Relief charitable organization, returning to the runway, and inking her first-ever beauty contract with Nars Cosmetics, we don’t know how she has time to also document moments from her everyday life. A life in which she ‘forgets what country she’s in’. Life goals.

From her runs to Whole Foods to her beauty routine that we need to memorize and of course, the now infamous video of how her airport routine, with “Being Naomi”, you get the full supermodel experience.

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