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Best of Celebrity Halloween

Best of Celebrity Halloween

Written by The Strategy

Well gals and ghouls, Halloween is once again upon us. We’ve been planning our costumes since, well, last Halloween. Since this year’s All Hallow’s Eve falls on a Thursday, festivities have been stretched from last weekend to today. We are so not complaining about it. We love any excuse to dress up and put on a face full of make-up.

While we think we killed it in our homemade/seasonal-Halloween-store-bought looks, the looks that we managed to come up with were nothing compared to what some celebrities were rocking this year.  Celebrities tend to go all out on their costumes, and honestly, we would too if we had access to some of the worlds best makeup artists and costume departments. Here are our favourites who we think, in our humble opinions, won Halloween 2019:

Celebrity Halloween

Supermodel Ashley Graham as Jessica Rabbit was absolute fire! She does the fictional animated character justice. Roger would be sure to swoon.

Celebrity Halloween

While we saw about 100 Joker’s this year, Nicki Minaj was an epic Harley Quinn. What also could have won this look for us was the photoshoot that accompanied it.

Celebrity Halloween

We died laughing when Jessica Biel was reminded on Jimmy Fallon that she wasn’t a huge fan of her husband’s old boyband, *NSYNC, so we were more than thrilled that her costume for Halloween was as her husband during his boyband hey-days.

Celebrity Halloween

Only true fashion lovers will get the reference of Nina Dobrev’s costume. The actress dressed up as Marie Benoliel, the comedian who crashed Chanel’s Spring 2020 runway, with her friend dressing as Gigi Hadid escorting her off the catwalk. Thank. You. Nina!

Celebrity Halloween

Year after year, the Johnson’s costumes are ones we look forward to. This year was no exception. The (fictional) Johnson family pulled of an US look that actually scared us a little.

Celebrity Halloween

A fan-favourite of most, Ciara and Russel Wilson won Halloween is many eyes with their Beyonce and Jay-Z looks. The look was an ode to Jay and Bey’s “Apes**t” music video, from their album, Everything is Love. 

Celebrity Halloween

A consensus here at TS HQ has led to one thing: Gabrielle Union and her daughter, Kaavia James WON Halloween with their Bring It On costumes. They both were Gabrielle’s character, the East Compton Clover’s very own Isis. The best of the season.

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