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New Decade, New You

New Decade, New You

Written by The Strategy

Peeps, a new year is here. While we thought about making the same old resolutions, like cutting carbs and learning something new, we realized that 2020 not only brings a new year, but also, a brand new decade. Our resolutions should be something more special that we can look back on come 2030 (eeks!) and see how far we’ve come.

Take Better Care of Our Skin

Ok, this one seems pretty basic, but after days of wearing makeup for the holidays, we’re starting the decade fresh with clean, clear skin. Dry brushing before a shower, using body oil afterwards, switching to a silk pillowcase and actually applying eye cream. It is easy to get lazy when it comes to skincare, but 2020 is the year that we really make our skin a priority.

Say No To Plastic

Guys, plastic use has really got out of hand. There are so many ways to cut back on your use. One of our favourite TS Alums, Danielle Prescod, has great tips on how to use less. Follow her stories to see ways she cuts back. Our suggestions include, forgoing the lid to your coffee cup, carrying metal straws with you in your bag to avoid plastic ones, and going without balloons.

Unfollow People Who Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

Whether it’s the acquaintance who seems to never have to work and is always travelling, or the fitspo influencer who constantly tells you how easy it is to lose those last 10lbs, this year, we’re hitting unfollow on all the accounts that make us feel less than. We are only accepting positive influence in our lives this decade.

Beat The Sunday Scaries Once and For All

Ok, we know this is a weekly thing, but for 2020 and the decade beyond, we plan on actually creating and committing to a routine that helps us beat the Sunday Scaries. Our plan, that is subject to change as we find our grove, is to start with exercise, followed by a weekly to do list, and ended with an at-home spa treatment.

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