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Self-Isolating With Olivia Bannock

Self-Isolating With Olivia Bannock

Written by The Strategy

As we all adjust to #stayhome orders and life in quarantine, we’re checking in with TS Alum to learn more about what their life in lockdown is like. 

Olivia Bannock has appeared on The Strategy multiple times, and is a style icon to many TS team members. Her Instagram is envy inducing and her wardrobe looks like pulls from Vogue’s fashion closet. We just had to know how she was staying sane and inspired amid quarantine.

(L) Banana bread for quarantine – groundbreaking. (R) Made paella for dinner – probably the most elaborate meal I have made for the group.

Where are you quarantining?


Are you quarantining with anyone?

FRIENDS! Seven of us left for a four day weekend…It’s been 8 weeks.

What does an average day look like, for you now?

We try to normalize everything as much as possible. Wake up, exercise, work 9am-6pm. At night, we do a large group dinner. It’s the best part of the day.

My friend Lesea (and host) is super creative! She makes floral arrangements for the house – they are always stunning!

What is a typical outfit you’re rocking now while you’re staying home?

For my Zoom meetings, I try to put on something ‘nice’, like a cute sweater (I don’t have many with me). Generally, it’s a track suit from Cotton Citizen or Colourful Standard.

What can you absolutely not live without during this time?

The most important app fro me has been Zoom, to stay connected to my friends and family who are in Canada, while I’m in the US.

(L) “Dressed up” for a zoom call with Rupert (M) My study buddy, Rupert (R)Jack and I getting some fresh air

For you, what is the best part of quarantine, and what is the worst part?

I don’t know if there is a ‘best’ part of quarantine, however, being with friends has been such a privilege. I am so grateful to our hosts for keeping us out of the city.

How are you keeping yourself busy?

Generally, finding ways to be creative, such as a needle point kit I found on Etsy, cooking fun meals, and lots of puzzles and games.

How are you staying inspired?

I’m finding new ways to use my social media while trying to connect more with my audience. I’m getting inspired by my peers this way.


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