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Self-Isolating With Nathalie Martin

Self-Isolating With Nathalie Martin

Written by The Strategy

As we adjust to #stayhome orders and life in quarantine, we’re checking in with TS Alum to learn more about what their life in lockdown is like, and how they are staying inspired.

We’ve been living for the small glimpses we’ve seen into Nathalie Martin’s home through her blog, her Instagram, and of course, her feature on The Strategy. Naturally, we had to see how she was self-isolating, and what was keeping her inspired.

Where are you quarantining?

Toronto, Ontario.

Are you quarantining with anyone?

Yes, with my husband, Geoff. We’re accompanied by our two cats, Marvin and Theo. Furry family members count as part of the quarantined crew, right?

What does an average day look like, for you now?

More or less, the same as before quarantine – I wake up, get ready and work on Instagram before heading to my home office to start the workday. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work from home during this time.

I find these days, we’re going on more walks. Unless the weather is crazy, we’ll make it a point to get outside. It helps break up the day and keeps us from getting cabin fever.

We’ve also been cooking a lot more here, which is great, because we’re eating healthier now. Occasionally we’ll order take-out. Something about ordering food during quarantine feels like a luxury and reminds me of what life used to be like.

At the end of the day, I’ll work on my blog and Instagram before calling it a day.

When we first began our quarantine, I felt guilty posting about fashion and beauty, because it seemed so frivolous next to the pandemic. Then I started getting messages from people saying how they look forward to the distraction from everyday life. Now I make it a point to keep my Stories updated with my daily outfits. I’ve started sharing more home decor as well. It feels more relevant now than ever.

What is a typical outfit you’re rocking now while you’re staying home?

I think the quintessential quarantine outfit for so many of us, has been loungewear. At least three days a week, you’ll find me in sweatpants, but I like to dress it up with jewelry and a bit of makeup. It makes me feel more put together. If I’m not in sweatpants, then you’ll find me wearing trousers. Anything that isn’t jeans, since I don’t find them comfortable anymore!

What can you absolutely not live without during this time?

Aside from the internet??? Probably fragrance. I probably bought six new scents in the last month – from candles to new perfume and essential oils.

For you, what is the best part of quarantine, and what is the worst part?

The best part would have to be working on self-improvement. I read something a while back about what can be accomplished during this time in quarantine – you can choose to watch endless amounts of Netflix, or take this time to learn something new and improve upon yourself.

The worst has been not being able to see my parents in person. We’ve been keeping in touch via FaceTime, which is always a riot with them.

How are you keeping yourself busy?

We’re finally getting to those project around the house that kept getting pushed aside. I’m just about done redecorating the guest bedroom (ironic considering no one can stay over now), and we’re finally getting around to giving our kitchen a facelift!

How are you staying inspired?

Lots of Pinterest, reading, and going through stacks and stacks of home decor magazines.


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