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The Perks of Quarantine

The Perks of Quarantine

Written by The Strategy

We’ve been in quarantine since mid-March. Yes, it has been hard to be separated from friends and family. Yes, we are going stir-crazy. And yes, we long for life to resume. However, we do have to admit, there have been some perks to this quarantine.

There are the obvious perks: not having to wear a bra every day, not having to feel bad about our JOMO, and our new WFH wardrobes, but there are some that it took us a minute to realize. Since quarantine, we’ve finally had the time to decorate (and re-decorate) or homes, organize our spaces, and re-watch our favourite shows and movies. We’ve also been able to truly enjoy some much needed ‘me’ time.

Self-care is suddenly seems not so indulgent, and at-home exercise is a way to stay not only fit, but also sane. We’ve discovered new ways to get inspired, we’ve upped our gardening game, and have spent more time with loved ones (via Zoom or a good ole’ phone call), than our regular lives allow. This pause in our lives has allowed for us to look inwardly, and learn more about ourselves. We learned we can be alone, and how to enjoy our own company. We picked up new skills (some of us canĀ actually cook now), we upped our skin-care game, and generally, made our health a priority.

So, while we truly look forward to a day we can spend with our nearest and dearest, travel to far off places, and even returning to our regular 9-5s, we do admit: quarantine hasn’t beenĀ all bad.

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