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Lights, Music, Fashion: The Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 Show

Lights, Music, Fashion: The Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 Show

Written by Sara Fender

The music, the dancing, the lights, the hair, the makeup, the inclusivity, and oh yeah, the CLOTHES! Or lack there of…The Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 fashion show could not have come at a better time. A time when we could all use a little fantasy and escapism in our lives, even if it’s only for an hour. I know I certainly embraced and loved every single second of it.

Nothing makes me cry more than watching a fashion show. Seriously. I’ve spoken to therapists about it – it’s a thing – we all have our things. Knowing the blood, sweat, tears and passion that goes into designing the garments and then producing the show itself just fills my heart with a weird sense of pride for people that I have never met. 

When I watched “Dior & I” and Raf Simmons stood back and saw his amazing designs walk down the runway in front of that to-die-for flower wall, my heart filled with so much joy and a sense of achievement for him, silent tears immediately were streaming down my face. 

When Virgil Abloh had his first show for Louis Vuitton and I watched the rainbow of looks parade down the runway, followed by Virgil, in tears himself, I could not contain my own. 

And then, getting to watch behind-the-scenes as Rihanna goes through her own process, from conception to completion, and then not only puts on an amazing show that appeals to all the senses, but to also be the pinnacle of inclusivity, promoting body and gender positivity. And again, as I sat on my couch, watching and wishing I had even an inkling of the skills to be able to dance like these performers, liquid seemed to leak out of my eyes and my heart filled with pride.

The fashion industry has been on the precipice of change for quite some time when it comes to the promotion of unhealthy body image. And in two short years, Rihanna has done quite a bit to change that perspective. The days of attaining to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel is in the rearview as models and celebrities alike are now vying for the new coveted spots in the latest Savage x Fenty show; and the 2020 show was no exception, featuring Demi Moore, Lizzo, Gigi Goode, Cara Delevingne, Paris Hilton, Big Sean, and even a Real Housewife, just to name a few. 

Another aspect of the inclusivity of this show, in particular, was Rihanna’s decision to work with Christian Combs (yes, the son of Sean “Diddy” Combs) as an ambassador and contributor and introduce a menswear line. Combs told GQ that the bright blue and red boxer and boxer briefs were his idea, as he wanted to stay away from muted maroon and grayscale tones. The launch also included a satin monogrammed pyjama set and a smoking jacket that are meant to be unisex and perfect for lounging around the house during these socially-distant times. 

In case you missed it, you can catch both the Savage x Fenty shows, Vol. 1 and 2, on Amazon Prime and you can watch and re-watch to your heart’s content. I know I have. And after you watch it the first time, head over to shop the show, either on or the Savage x Fenty website. Unfortunately for us, but good for Rihanna, the menswear collection has already sold out. But with prices under $100 and most items in the $30-50 range, the women’s line is still available if you hurry. Go now. For real, stop reading this and go treat yourself. You deserve it.

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