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Marina in New York on Emily in Paris

Marina in New York on Emily in Paris

Written by The Strategy

It seems everyone is talking about Netflix’s new show by Darren Star, Emily in Paris. In all honesty, we weren’t huge fans. In fact, we may have stopped after only a few episodes that plagued us with confusion over Emily’s choice of attire, her sense of entitlement, and the way that every Frenchman she met along her way, instantly fell in love with her. We had to discuss this show with someone, and who better to speak with than author, Marina Khorosh, who has lived in Paris, but is currently living in New York.

Let’s get straight to it: What are your general thoughts on Emily in Paris?

On a visceral level, everything about the show feels wrong: the styling, the portrayal of the French, the cultural clichés pilot on in bulk (much like Emily’s accessories). And yet, it’s the TV equivalent of junk food – you want to stop watching, yet you physically can’t tear yourself away until the credits of the last episode are rolling. I heard someone describe it as “cringe-y and binge-y” – I think that’s a great way to sum it up.

Did you manage to get through all 10 episodes?

Yes! In 3 days!

As a current New Yorker who previously lived in Paris, what are your honest thoughts on the clothing in the show?

Emily is as refined as an American in Paris Disney Princess. Camille (the neighbour’s girlfriend), could probably be the next Jeanne Damas. Sylvie is the poor man’s Carine Roitfeld, and the rest of the characters are more or less right.

In a more specific wardrobe question, would you ever wear a shirt covered with Eiffel Towers on a flight to Paris, or is it the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen?

I wouldn’t, but maybe there is some sort of deep metaphor to it. Who am I to judge?

Emily’s running attire (and notable lack of exercise induced sweat) seriously annoyed us. What would one actually wear to exercise in Paris?

I just commend her for running in Paris. It’s no easy feat.

On to Emily, herself. What are your thoughts on this particular American in Paris?

Young, naive, blessed with that oblivious American confidence that breaks through barriers, while still annoying anyone along the way. It’s good to be Emily!

Most important question: Would you follow @EmilyinParis on Instagram?

Pourquoi pas?


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